Preschool, children islamic environment, playing in preschool, Vocabulary Development

How to Groom your Children Knowledge in Education and in Preschool

Playing seems to have a little to do with the academic knowledge that your child will need to succeed in kindergarten. Then why is playing so important? This is a question, the answer to which is often ignored by most of the parents. However, it has great importance in preschool as it forms the foundation for all learning.

Importance of Playing in preschool:

Playing in preschool is very important as it provides the base foundation for learning. Giving you children the time and a few basic toys to play will not only provide them with a valuable learning opportunity, but will unlock their creativity and imagination, developing their reading, thinking and problem solving skills. Playing in schools, help children to learn better and faster.
Compared to a child who plays regularly for some time can catch things faster and learn better than a child who doesn’t play. It is rightly said. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Playing keeps your child active and also provides a number of educational benefits.

Preschool, children islamic environment, playing in preschool, Vocabulary Development

Language and Vocabulary Development: 

Playing with other children helps your child to learn new and better things. They can learn new language, pick new words that they hear without even realizing and use them to communicate. This is very important to provide your kid a good environment, A kid can learn the meaning of different words in different language and also grammatical structure of the English language.

You can use the following simple items and notice the educational benefits your child derives from them:

Vehicles and animals Playing with cars, trucks, animals, etc., in preschool will help children to learn the names of each animal and vehicle. They will also learn what they do, how they work, where they live, what they eat, etc. This will help them gain a lot of knowledge.

Additionally, they can also create different scenarios that the vehicles or animals might find them in for further and better language and vocabulary development.

Dolls and dollhouses Playing with dolls will help your child to recall what happens in everyday life and connect with it. You might hear your child speaking the same phrases or words that you uttered. They also sometimes add their own lines and stories into it. This helps your child to develop their recalling and connecting ability.
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Imagination and Creativity: 

Playing gives opportunity to your child to develop his creativity. In this high-tech society where technology is used for every other thing, people have less chance to think or create on their own. In such situation, playing classes in preschool will help kids to become more imaginative and creative and tackle things on their own.

Children without frequent playing opportunities have a difficult time to entertain themselves, while children with opportunities for open ended play can automatically adjust and find endless available possibilities.

Dramatic play:  

Preschools may organize different classes with a few props such as empty food boxes, stuffed animals kit, a doctor’s kit, etc. and provide better creative opportunities. Your child will be transported into a different place with these items and you will be amazed to see what he or she comes up with while playing.

Craft supplies:

This is another way to help children develop their imagination and creativity. Provide them with crayons, scraps of fabric or paper and allow them to create anything of their choice, watching the inner artist emerging.

Preschool, children islamic environment, playing in preschool, Vocabulary Development



Islamic Activities for your Children:

It is very important to teach your children dua’s (supplications), teach him in way, that it becomes their habit to recite dua, doing any work.

  • The dua before sleeping, after awakening, before eating, drinking, wearing suites, new suites, entering and exit from washroom, prayer, and the method of pray to ALLAH, how to start and how to end pray.

So that your children know all necessary DUA, and practice him of performing prayer, if they are 7 years old, and if they are older than 12 years, so force them to perform each and every prayer, and awake them in morning prayer, and teach them QURAN, and it would outstanding for you, if you make your children hafiz Quraan, means memorize them Quran, so these islamic activities could give you beautiful flower with fragrance in the face of your Children.

That is all depend on parents activities, how do they help their children to have better environment, so that he becomes a good muslim, and he knows how important of islam in his life, not verbally, also from his action, he should know the importance of prayer, dua, not to cheat anyone, not to abuse anyone, not to gave bad relationship with girl.

Practice make perfection, follow this formula on your children to give them peaceful and islamic environment.

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