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Bypass FRP Google Account Galaxy A2 Core Android 8

Best Way to Bypass FRP Google Account Galaxy A2 Core, you have to use active SIM Card in this method, and after that we will be able to reach chrome browser, from there we will download frp unlock applications and then we can easily add our any active Gmail account to bypass frp lock Samsung A2 Core.

Warning: This method is only for Device Owner.


Let’s Begin to Bypass FRP Google Account Galaxy A2 Core:

-You have to connect WiFi first.

-Put your device on very first “Welcome” screen.

-Eject SIM Tray.

-Insert Working SIM Card.

-After that, you will see the screen of “Enter SIM Card Unlock PIN”.

Unlock FRP Galaxy S7 Without Talkback, Enter SIM Card Unlock PIN Samsung Galaxy


-Now just enter 4 digits pin code of your SIM but do not tap on “OK”.

-Now we have to rapidly follow this action, keep your both thumb near “OK” and near “Power Key”.

-Now tap on “OK” and after that rapidly press “POWER KEY”.

-That’s means, you have to tap on “OK” and press “POWER KEY” at same time, but in this process make sure you are first tapping on “OK” and instantly after that press power key.

-After that your device screen will auto black, and then after few second it will auto wake up, and then you will see the screen of “Not Signed in”.

-Just bring “TOP BAR MENU” just by swiping from top to bottom.

-Tap on “Notification Settings” from the top bar menu.

-Tap on > App Notifications > Youtube > More Settings in App > About > Youtube Terms of Service.

Access Samsung Internet Browser in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

-Congratulations, we have now accessed to chrome browser, so that means, we can now easily Bypass FRP Google Account Galaxy A2 Core.


Download & Install FRP Bypass Applications:

-Now type & search “Download Top Samsung frp tools

-Go to 1st search result same as shown in below image.

-Go down & download from there below applications.

1st App: Google Account Manager 8.
2nd App: Account Login.

-Wait until downloading process finish.

Download Samsung frp removal tools for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge


-After that, tap on “BOOKMARKS” from bottom menu.

-Select “History”, and then tap on “Download History”.

-There you will see your both downloaded application.

-Tap on “Google Account Manager 8.0”, and after that, you will see “Samsung internet” popup window, from that popup window, just tap on “Settings”.

-Enable the option of “Allow from this sources”.

-Tap on “Back Key”, and then tap on > Next > Next > Install > Done.

-Now we have installed google account manager 8.0 application.


-Tap on “Account Login” app, and then tap on “Install”, after that tap on “OPEN”.

-You will see “Retype password” screen, so just tap on “3 dots” from top right corner & select “Browser Sign-in”.

-Sing-in there with your valid Gmail account.

-Congrats, you’ve successfully bypassed frp lock Samsung Galaxy A2 Core.


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