Bypass FRP Google Pixel 4, frp remove google pixel 3

Bypass FRP Google Pixel 4, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL (Android 10) Without PC

Latest way to Bypass FRP Google Pixel 4, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL Android 10, this method will work almost on All Google Pixel Android 10 devices, you don’t need any PC for this method, just connect internet in your device and start following all below steps to access your device and add new Gmail account to bypass google account permanently.


Warning: This method is only for Device Owner.

Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Google Pixel 4/3/2 XL:

-Connect Wi-Fi first.

-Get back to very first “Hi there” screen.

-Tap on > Emergency Call > Emergency Information > Emergency Information.

-Tap on “Pencil icon” from the top right corner.

Bypass FRP Google Pixel 4


-Now tap on “NAME”, and after that you will get keyboard.

-From the keyboard, just long tap on “World icon”, after that you will receive popup window of “Change Keyboard”.

-Tap on “Language Settings”.

Bypass FRP Google Pixel 3


-Tap on “Add Keyboard”.

-There you will see a list of languages, just go down and tap on “French”.

-Tap on “3 dots” from top right corner and select “Help & Feedback”.

Bypass FRP Google Pixel 2 XL, Unlock frp Pixel 4 Android 10


-Type in search box “Use Morse Code”.

-Tap on “Use Morse Code” from the search result.

-Now tap on youtube video “Play icon”, after that you will receive “3 dots” on the video.

-Just tap on “3 dots” on the video right corner and then select “Share”.

-Again tap on “3 dots” which is right after the Twitter icon.

-Tap on “Not Now” from the update window.

-Drag down the youtube video and then tap on “3 dots” from the top right corner.

-Select “Terms & Privacy Policy”.


-From the welcome to chrome screen, just hit on > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.

-Congrats, you have got the address bar top of your device screen, now we can easily download frp bypass app to Bypass FRP Google Pixel 4/3/2 XL.


Download Google Pixel FRP Apps:

-Type in address bar “Download frp tools“.

-Visit 1st search result as show in below image.

-Download from there below 3 applications.

! Apex Launcher 3.3.3.
!! Google Account Manager 6.
!!! Account Login.

-Wait until downloading finish all 3 apps.

-Go to top, and there you will be able to see “3 dots” at the top right corner of the browser.

-Tap on “3 dots”, and select “Downloads”.


Note: If you do not see 3 dots, download any one app again, on downloading finihs, you will receive a popup window bottom of your screen, just tap on that to access download folder.


Install Apex Launcher:

-Tap on “Apex Launcher”.

-From the popup window, just tap on “Settings”.

-Enable the option of “Allow from this source”.

-Tap on “Back Key”.

-There you will see apex launcher popup window, just tap on > Install > Open > Continue.

-Go “MENU”, and open “Download” folder, where you will be able to see your all downloaded apps.

-Tap on > Google Account Manager 6 > Install > Done.


-Go back to download folder.

-Tap on > Account Login > Install > Open.

-To Bypass FRP Google Pixel 4/3/2 XL, we have to add gmail account.


Add New Gmail Account:

-Tap on 3 dots from top right corner.

-Select “Browser Sign-in”.

-Sign in there using your any active Gmail account to Bypass FRP Google Pixel 4/3/2 XL.


-Now go back to your device “MENU” by tapping on back key.

-Open “Chrome Browser”.

-Type in search box “Find My Device Google”.

-Tap on “Find Your Phone Google Account” from the search result.

-Tap on “Sign in to Start”.

find my device google pixel 4 Android 10


-Sing in with your gmail account.

-Tap on “Google Pixel 4,3,2 XL” whatever model you have.

-Tap on “Locate”.

unlock frp google pixel 4 android 10

-Wait for 1-2 minute.

-Get back to “Chrome browser Search result” screen.

-Again search “Find My Device”.

-There you will see “Sign in” screen, just tap on that.

-Wait few seconds, and then tap on “Secure Device”.

-Set your any 4 digit password, this password we will use later to unlock device.

Secure device in find my device google


-After entering password, just tap on > Next > OK.

-After that type any random words in recovery message.

-Also give phone number and then tap on “SECURE DEVICE” button.

-After that, you will receive notification on your device screen, just tap on “BACK KEY”.

-Swipe up the screen to unlock.

-Give the same password, that you have set before.

-After that your device will be unlocked.

swipe to unlock google pixel

-Go back to “MENU”.

-Go to > Settings > System > Reset Option > Erase all data factory reset

Note: This will erase all your device, so get backup of your important contacts and data.

-Tap on “Erase all data” button.

-Re-inter your pin, the pin that you have set already as password.

-Again Tap on “Erase all data” button.

-It will take several minutes in resetting your device completely.

-Complete initial setup, while completing initial setup, you will have screen of “Verify Pin”, just give the same pin that you have already set before.

-Thank for visiting us.

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