Bypass FRP Galaxy A20 (A205F) 2019 By SIM Pin Lock Method

You can easily fix and Bypass FRP Galaxy A20 using latest 2019 frp bypass method, only you need 1 sim card that has pin locked, and through that we can access to Samsung Internet Browser, and from there we will be able to install some frp bypass applications, so lets follow below steps carefully. if you have Galaxy A30 device, for that click here.

Note: Latest Method has been updated about bypass frp galaxy A20s, A20 android 10, 9.

Warning: This method is only for Device Owner.


Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Galaxy A20:

-Turn on Device & Conneft Wi-Fi.

-Insert any PIN Locked SIM Card.

Note: You can set PIN Lock in your SIM card using you any other android device.

-Once you inserted SIM Card, you will receive a popup message of “Enter SIM Card Unlock Pin”.

-Now eject SIM Tray, and after ejecting sim tray, quickly press “Power Key” to turn off screen.

-Make sure, there should not be even Mini Second delay while pressing power key after you eject SIM Tray, you have to apply these steps quicly, means as soon as you eject SIM Tray, after that quicly press “POWER KEY”.

-Now press agian “Power Key” to turn on screen.

-There you will see popup message of “No Sim Card inserted”, just tap on “OK”.

-Drag the “Lock icon” to the right side to get the top bar.

-Tap on “Notification Settings”

Bypass FRP Galaxy A20 (A205F)


-Now tap on “See all”.

-From top left, just hit on “Mose Recent”, and then select “All”.

-Go down and then tap on > Youtube.

Access to Youtube to remove frp Galaxy A20


-Hit on In-app-notification Settings > History & Privacy > Youtube Terms of Service.

Youtube in app notification, Bypass Google Account Galaxy A20


-Tap on > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.

-Perfect, you have accessed to chrome browser to Bypass FRP Galaxy A20.


Let’s Download Samsung FRP Apps:

-From top address bar, type and search “Download Top Samsung frp tools“.

-Visit 1st search result same as shown in below image.


1/ Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0.
2/ Google Play Services.

-Once downloading finihs, you will surely popup message bottom of your device screen, just tap on “OPEN”.

-After that, you will have “Chrome Popup window”, just hit on “Settings”, and enable option “Allow from this sources”.

-Now just tap on “Back Arrow” to go back.

-Tap on > Install > Open.



-Inside quick shortcut maker app, there will be “Application” option, just hit on that.

-Go down and tap on “Settings”, and then tap on “TRY”.


-Perfect, you have accessed to your device settings.

-Tap on > Biometrics and Security > Other Security Settings > Device Admin App > Findy My Device.

-Go down & Hit on “Deactivate”.

-Go back “Settings”.

-Tap on “Apps”.

-Find and Hit on “Google play services”, after that tap on “Disable > Disable”.

-Again go back to “Settings”.

-Tap on > Device Care > Storage > 3 dots from top right corner > Storage Settings.

Access to File to install App


-Now tap on “File”.

-Tap on “BACK ARROW” from top left corner.

-There you will see only “Donwload”, just tap on that.

Open Download folder to see downloaded apps

-After that you will see your downloaded app “Google Play Services”.


Install Final App to Bypass FRP Galaxy A20:

-Tap on “Google Play Services”, and then from the popup window just tap on “Settings”, and enable option “Allow from this sources”.

-Tap on “Back Arrow”, and then tap on > Next > Install > Done.

-Now get back to “Settings” by tapping on back arrow multiple times.

-Go to > Accounts & Backup > Accounts > Add Account > Google.

Add Account to Bypass frp galaxy A20

-Wait few seconds on Just a sec…. screen, after that you will have google sign in screen.

-Sign in using your any valid Gmail ID to Bypass FRP Galaxy A20.


Let’s Enable All Apps Back:

-Get back to “Settings” and then tap on “Apps”.

-Tap on “All” from top left corner and select “Disabled”.

-Tap on > Google Play Services > Enable.

-Long Press “Power Key”, and then select “Restart”.

-Congratulation, you are done to Bypass FRP Galaxy A20, just complete initial setup to access your Samsung Galaxy device normally.

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