how to Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4

Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4 Android 9 (No PC Required)

Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4 (SM-J400) Android 9 just by using sim card, only we have to set pin lock in sim card with other phone, and after that we will insert that sim in our phone, by doing this we will be able to get top bar menu, and then we will make pair with our any Bluetooth pods of Bluetooth headphone or handfree, so you are not required any expertise to follow this method.

This is the latest method of 2020 on this model, and we will help you to understand all steps with screen shots, so follow all steps carefully.


Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4 Android 9:

-Tools you are required:

1-SIM Card.
2-Bluetooth pods / Headphone / Handfree.
3-Wifi Connection.

-First of all insert “SIM Card” having pin lock code.

-If you don’t have pin lock code sim card, you can easily set 4 digits pin lock with any other android phone, and after that use that sim card in your J4 device.

-After inserting sim card, just turn on phone, and wait for “Enter Sim Card Unlock Pin” popup message.

-Without removing battery, just slightly remove sim card up using your nail of your finger, by doing this, your phone will not detect sim card.

Note: You are not supposed to remove sim card completely.

remove sim card galaxy j4


-Enter any wrong 4 digits pin Lock code, and then tap on “OK”, by doing this you will surely receive “SIM PIN Operation failed”.

-From the “No SIM Card inserted” popup window, just tap on “OK”.

-Hit on “Next Arrow” from the Let’s Go screen for Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4.

-Now you will have the screen of “Check out some info to get started”, just check mark the option of “i have read and agree to all of the above”.

-Insert sim card back by using the nail of your finger, and then quickly start tapping on “Next”. Keep tapping on “Next” until you see the message of “Insert Sim card unlock pin”.

tap on next after inserting sim card for Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4


-After that, quickly remove sim card again using the nail of your finger without removing battery.

Remove SIM for Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4 Android 9


-Type any wrong 4 digits pin code, and then tap on “OK”.

-Again tap on “OK” from the No SIM card inserted message.

-Swipe date & time to right, and while swiping this, just hit on “Lock icon”.

Note: You have to do this at the same time, with one of your finger swipe date and time to right, while keeping it swiped, just tap on “Lock icon” with other of your finger.

-This will bring top bar menu.

-Tap 3-4 times on “Setting gear icon” from top right, but this will not respond you at all.

Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4 Android 9 without pc


Connect Bluetooth Pods or Headphone to Galaxy J4:

-Now tap on “Bluetooth icon”.

-Make pair with your any new generation (Bluetooth Pods / Headphone) for Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4.

Make bluetooth pair with galaxy s8 and s8 plus to bypass frp


-After making pair successfully, press power button 3 times from your connected Bluetooth pods or headphone, this will open “Google App”.

-Type “Settings” in search box, and tap on “Setting gear icon” to get into your phone settings.

go to settings in Galaxy S8 frp bypass Android 9


Set Security Pin Lock:

-Go to > Biometrics and Security > Other Security Settings > Pin Windows > Turn it ON.

-From there just go to > Use screen lock type to unpin > Pin.


-You can give there any your desire 4 digit pin lock code.

-After setting up pin code, just tap on “Done”.

-Now get back to “Settings” by tapping on back arrow several times.

-If you want to verify that, you have successfully set pin code or not, just hit on “Lock Screen”, and there you will be able to see “PIN” underneath (Screen Lock Type), so that means we have successfully set our 4 digits pin code, and we can restart our phone.

-Restart your phone.


Complete Setup Wizard:

-Tap on > Next Arrow icon > select option “I have read and agree all of the above” > Next > select “Skip this for now” > Next > OK.

-Connect Wifi.

-After few seconds, you will have window of “Enter your pin”, you can enter your already set 4 digit pin code for Google Account Bypass Galaxy J4.

-After that, tap on “Next”.

-From (Google Sign in) screen, tap on > SKIP > SKIP.

How to get skip on google in verification screen samsung


-Un-check all selected option, and then tap on > More > Accept.

-Un-Check (all of the following apps)., and then tap on “OK”.

-From the sign in screen, just tap on > SKIP > SKIP > FINISH.

finish setup wizard on Samsung galaxy j4 android 9 frp

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