Bypass frp galaxy Note 8 Android 9

Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9 on Latest Security Patch (New Method)

Do you really wanna Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9?, well you might have tried several methods, but most of them do not work or some of the more old methods, because this method is will also work on new security patch level Galaxy Note 9 devices, this is totally method, and we expect that you will be happy after trying this new way to bypass frp.

Warning: This method is only for Device Owner, and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9:

-First of all restart your phone.

-After that, connect WiFi.

-Go back to first “Let’s Go!” screen.

-From there, tap on “Next Arrow”.

-Now you have to Select “I have read and agree all of the above”, and then tap on  Next.

-Now Select “Skip this for now”, and then tap on “Next”.

-After that, tap on “Add Network”.

-From the keyboard, just Tap on “Setting gear icon”, and then tap on “Keyboard Layout and Feedback”, and then “Key-tap-feedback”.

Bypass Google frp Galaxy S8/S8+ Without PC


-Tap to >  Sound and Vibration > Answering and ending calls.

-Now enable “Answer Automatically” from there, after that, tap on that.

turn on answer call automatically galaxy s8 to bypass frp


-There you will see some options, now we have to follow below steps carefully to crash call settings for Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9.

-Tap both options “2 seconds & 10 seconds” at the same time.

Note: You may be redirected to the back at first attempt, but do not worry, this will work for you, just get back to this screen again, and then again try to select both options at same time.

crash call settings to bypass google frp galaxy s8 and s8 plus without pc


-After hitting both options at same time successfully, you will be shown popup window of “Phone Keeps Stopping”, only you have to tap on “App info” from there.

tap both options same times to get app info for bypass frp galaxy note 8


-Tap “Setting gear icon” from top right.

go to call setting gear icon galaxy s8


-Go down, and then tap on “About Phone”.

-Tap on “Update” once it turned to green.

tap to Update option to bypass frp galaxy note 8 android 9


Lets Install Apex Launcher:

-To easily Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9, we are going to install apex launcher in our phone.

-Tap on “Search icon” from top right, and then type there “Apex Launcher”, and then tap on “Search icon” from bottom corner of the keyboard.

-From there, tap on “Apex Launcher”, and then tap to “Install” button.

-Once installing process done, just tap to “Open”.

install apex launcher to Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9

-Now finish some initial steps by hitting on “Next”, and then “Skip” from top right corner.

-From “Download” screen, just tap on “Back Arrow” from bottom left.

-After that, tap on “HOMESCREEN” button to get access into your frp locked Galaxy Note 8 phone.

access to home screen in frp locked phone


Download & Install Google Play Service App:

-This is our final step to Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9.

-Go to your device “MENU” by hitting on MENU icon from bottom bar, and then tap on “Chrome” to open chrome browser, because we’re going to download and install new frp apps to add our gmail account.

-Hit on > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.

-Type in search bar “Download Samsung frp tools“.

-Tap on searched result (Download Top Samsung FRP Bypass Tools APK ) same as shown in below screen shot.

Download top samsung frp tools


-Go down and download “Google Play Service” app, this app has 28mb size, so don’t be panic, it may take time if your internet speed is slow.

-Once downloading process, just go to top of the webpage, and tap on “3 dots” from top right, and then tap on “Download” option to see your downloaded app.


-Tap on “Google Play Services” app, and then tap to “Settings” from popup box, and then enable option “Allow from this source”.

-After that, tap to > Next > Install > Done.


Disable Apps to Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9:

-Go back to your phone by home screen by hitting on back arrow multiple times

-Go to “MENU”, open your Galaxy Note 8 phone settings by tapping on “Setting gear icon”, from there tap on “Biometrics & Security”.


-Go to > Other Security Settings > Device Admin Apps > Find My device > Deactivate.



Note: If you see “Find my Device” is already deactivated, then leave it as it is..

-Go back to “Phone Settings”, and tap on “Apps”.

-Scroll down, and tap on “Google Play Services”, and then hit on > Disable > Disable.

bypass google account frp moto x play


-Go back to “Phone Settings”, and tap on > Accounts & Backup  > Account > Add Account > Google.

-Sign in with your valid gmail ID to Bypass FRP Galaxy Note 8 Android 9.

-After enter your gmail ID, and pass, just tap to > Next > I agree.

-Wait on “Checking info…” screen, once it finishes, just go back, and there you will be able to see your added gmail account.


Let’s Go back to Settings to Enable Apps:

-Go back to “Phone Settings”.

-Go to > Apps > All Apps > Disabled > Google Play services > Enable.

frp unlock droid maxx 2, frp remove moto x play android 7.1.1, enable disabled apps


-Again go back to phone settings, and from there go to > Biometrics & Security > Other Security Settings > Device admin apps > Find my device > Activate.

-Restart Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone, and complete your initial setup, and congratulation to you on getting back your phone with your new gmail account.