Unlock FRP Samsung A30s Android 10

FRP Unlock Samsung A30s – Bypass Samsung Galaxy Android 10

A Latest method for FRP Unlock Samsung A30s Android 10 without Bluetooth and any frp bypass APP, just through a single PIN Locked SIM, you can bypass google account easily, we will only enable PIN Windows for adding New PIN in our device, so follow steps from below Frp Unlock.

Note: This method has successfully been applied on Samsung Galaxy A30s (Android 10). if you are not aware of your device android version, you can check your device android version from (Android Recovery Mode), that is very easy way, just find method on YouTube by searching (How to Enter into Recovery Mode Galaxy A30s).

Disclaimer: This method is for educational purpose only, try this method only on your own phone, do not try this method only stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to unlock stolen phone, you may also be jailed.


How to FRP Unlock Samsung A30s:

⇒ Connect to WiFi > Go to “Verifying your Account” screen > Tap to “Email or Phone” tab > Tap to “Settings gear icon”.

⇒ Afterwards, we are going to > Swipe, Touch and Feedback > Touch Feedback.


⇒ Now next step is just to tap on > Sound & Vibration > Ringtone > SIM 1.


⇒ On top right corner, there a (Plus) sign so just Hit on “+” sign, and then tap on “Search”.


⇒ Now, we are going to insert (PIN Locked SIM) in Samsung Galaxy A30s Android 10, if you do not have PIN locked SIM, so you can setup in a PIN in your SIM using other phone, and use that in our frp locked device.

⇒ Once the SIM is inserted, wait 2-3 seconds & Start Tapping on “Mic icon” quickly until you have a screen of “Enter SIM Card PIN”.

tap to mic icon too many times to bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy M01

⇒ Popup or Remove SIM tray.

⇒ Tap on “OK” from “No SIM Card inserted” popup window.


Its time to Apply Below 3 Steps Rapidly:

1st:  Quickly Swipe date & time to right side, keep tapping on that (Date & Time).

2nd: Using other finger, drag down “Lock icon“.



3rd: Tap on “Settings gear icon” from top right corner of the notification bar.

Note: If you have (Previous Screen), where from we hit on “Mic icon” in the background of “No SIM Card inserted” popup window, so try again, if this screen appears each time, then you will have to restart your phone and try again. (See below image).


⇒ Awesome, the hardest part of this method, we’ve completed successfully.

⇒ Tap to “Devices” from notification bar.


⇒ Now tap to > 3 dots > Settings.


⇒ After that, tap to > About Media and Devices > Exclamation Sign from top right corner.

tap to exclamation sign from media and devices to Unlock FRP Samsung A30s


⇒ Now Tap on “Permission”.

⇒ Let’s tap on “Search icon” from top right corner & search “Pin Windows”.

⇒ Tap on “Pin windows” from the searched result.

Add New PIN in Galaxy A30s:

⇒ For FRP Unlock Samsung A30s, we are going to add new PIN code.

⇒ Go down, and enable “PIN Windows” button.

⇒ Tap on “Pin Window”.

⇒ Now, turn on option “Use screen lock type to unpin”.


⇒ Select “PIN”, and set your 4 digit pin code “1234”, and then tap on “OK”.

⇒ Once you setup PIN successfully, in this condition, either you go back to very first screen “Welcome” by tapping on back arrow too many times, Or you restart your device, and then complete your Setup Wizard.

⇒If you are asked for PIN, just enter your 4 digits pin code instead of Gmail account, because you are already done to Remove FRP Samsung A31.


How to Add FRP Protection (FRP) in Galaxy A30s:

This can easily be done by going into your device settings, if you bought brand new device, then you will have to add your own gmail account, and that account will be use for frp protection, no one can access your device Galaxy A30s until he/she enter your gmail account.

-To add Gmail account, just go to > Settings > Accounts & Backup > Add Account > Google.

-Sign in there with your Gmail Account.


Remove FRP Protection in Galaxy A30s Before Selling Phone:

-If you wanna sale your device to someone, in this case, you should remove your Gmail account, otherwise later on your device will be frp locked, and new owner of that device Galaxy A30s won’t be able to have access in that phone, so put someone in trouble, better to remove Gmail account.

-For removing Gmail account, just go to > Settings > Accounts & Backup > Account > Select your Gmail Account > Remove Account.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question 1: Can i connect WiFi while completing setup wizard/initial Setup.

Answer:  Yes you can connect wifi, otherwise you won’t be able to go ahead.

Question 2: I am again having “Verify Your Account” screen after adding Gmail account.

Answer:  If you have followed above steps carefully, then you will surely have a “SKIP” option there, just skip that.

Question 3: Can i add my new PIN/PATTER/Fingerprints while completing setup wizard

Answer:  You can setup your own any desire new PIN or Pattern.

Question 4: Will i get frp lock again if i hard reset my device.

Answer: If you do hard your device by from android recovery mode, then you will get frp lock, but you can use your previously added Gmail Account.

Question 5: Can i bypass frp without WiFi.

Answer: You can’t bypass frp without WiFi, because there are several steps those are required an internet connection.

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