New 2021 method to bypass frp Samsung F41 without SIM

Bypass FRP Samsung F41 Android 10 Without SIM By Latest 2021 Way

No SIM, No Talkback, This is the one of the best and latest method of Bypass FRP Samsung F41 Android 10, in lots of previous method, we have been applied different methods, but all those method are not gonna work now on most latest security patch level devices, in this you are required a latest way to bypass frp in your Samsung Galaxy F41.

Note: This method can be applied on any SAMSUNG Android 10 (Latest Security Patch) phone.


How to Bypass FRP Samsung F41:

Required Tools:

To remove frp from your Samsung F41, you are required below tools, prepare them first then start the process.

1/ Easy SASMSUNG frp Tools 2020 [DOWNLOAD].
2/ Strong WiFi Connection
3/ PC (for few minutes only).
4/ USB or Data Cable.
5/ Other Android Phone (You are required another non frp locked android device). So in this process, we are gonna use 2 Android Phone, 1 is your Samsung FRP locked F41 device, and 2nd is can be any other android device.


Let’s Start process, first of all install “Easy Samsung FRP Tools 2020” in your PC, and then open this tool.
• Turn on your Phone and Connect to WiFi.
• Connect Phone to your PC through a USB Cable & Do make sure your device Samsung F41 has a WiFi connection.
• Click to “Bypass frp Samsung” button from the software.

Easy Samsung FRP Tools to bypass frp Samsung
• From popup window, tap to “OK”.

connect phone to WiFI to bypass frp with easy samsung frp tools 2020

• This will send a popup message in your Samsung F41 device.
• Now you are all done from PC side, lets get back to your Samsung device.
• Tap to > View > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.
• 3 dots > Settings.

easy firmware samsung frp tools to bypass frp Samsung F41 Android 10

• About Chrome.
• Tap to “Question Mark Sign” from top right corner, and type in search area “V”, and then tap to “Get Start with voice access”.

get started with voice access

• Swipe little bit down, and tap on a hyperlink > Change Google App Settings > iPhone & iPad > Privacy & Security.

Change Google App Settings to Bypass frp Samsung F41 Android 10

• Tap on > Google Maps Timelines.
• Swipe down , and tap to > Location History.
• Now again swipe down, under the heading of (Delete Locations History), just tap over a hyperlink from there “Google Maps Timelines”.

Google Maps Timeline in Samsung FRP

• Wait until you are being redirected to the Google Maps.
• Tap to “SKIP”, and tap on “Back Arrow” from bottom left corner.
• Tap on “Point Location icon”, and then tap “OK” from popup window.

Google MAP to Unlock FRP

• Menu icon > Start driving > Got it > Mic icon.
• Speak loudly “Open Settings”.

Start Driving Google Maps to Remove FRP Samsung F41

Use Smart Switch App to Bypass frp:

• Accounts & Backup > Smart Switch > Downloads.
• Wait 4-5 minutes, this may take a time in downloading and opening the Smart Switch App.
• Once the downloading finish, you will receive a new window “Welcome to Smart Switch”.
• Tap on “Agree” button.

bypass frp galaxy j6 android 10 by smart switch app


• Smart Switch > Allow > Receive Data.

Smart Switch Receive Data


• Galaxy Android > Cable.

Smart Switch Cable Option


• In other android device, install & open “Smart Switch App“, and then tap to > Send Data > Cable.

Smart Switch Send Data to bypass frp Samsung F41


• Connect OTG in your “Samsung F41 frp locked” device, and other end of USB Cable should be in your other android android device.
Note: Do make sure, OTG should be connected in your frp locked device”.

• Tap to “OK” from popup window in your frp locked device, and then tap to “Allow”.
• Now both device will start connecting each other to Bypass FRP Samsung F41.

Connect device each other through Smart Switch App Samsung frp

• In Samsung F41 frp locked device, select only “Settings”, and then tap to “Transfer” button.

Select and Transfer Settings to Bypass frp Samsung M51


• From Other Android device, tap to “COPY”, and enter your already setup PIN/PATTERN there, and then it will start copying your Stuff.
• Once the transferring stuff process finish, just disconnect both device, and your other android device (Google Account) will also be saved in your frp locked device, so you can easily use your that Gmail account with new frp lock.

If you want to add your new Gmail account, so you can follow up below steps as well.

How to Add FRP Protection (FRP) in Galaxy F41:

This can easily be done by going into your device settings, if you bought brand new device, then you will have to add your own Gmail account, and that account will be use for frp protection, no one can access your device Galaxy F41 until he/she enter your Gmail account.

• To add Gmail account, just go to > Settings > Accounts & Backup > Add Account > Google.

• Sign in there with your Gmail Account.


Remove FRP Protection in Galaxy F41 Before Selling Phone:

• If you wanna sale your device to someone, in this case, you should remove your Gmail account, otherwise later on your device will be frp locked, and new owner of that device Galaxy F41 won’t be able to have access in that phone, so put someone in trouble, better to remove Gmail account.

• For removing Gmail account, just go to > Settings > Accounts & Backup > Account > Select your Gmail Account > Remove Account.

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You Can Also Download Helpful Samsung FRP Tools, those will help you to bypass frp any Samsung Galaxy Android devices.