bypass frp account galaxy A50 without pc new method of frp

2 Ways to Bypass frp Samsung A50 – Unlock FRP Android 9

We have brought to you 2 best working methods about how to Bypass FRP Samsung A5 without SIM & With SIM, you can try both method, we hope 1 of them will help you to bypass frp, the method, that is required a SIM, that is bit old method, but latest method has also been updated which is (Method 1). Choice is yours, just enjoy.

Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed.

Method 1: FRP Remove A50 Without SIM Card (NEW)

Method 2: FRP Remove Samsung A50 With SIM Card


Method 1: Bypass FRP Samsung A50 without SIM (Android 9)

Step 1: Connect WiFi first, from very first (Lets Go) screen, tap to “Emergency Call”, and then dial & disconnect emergency number (112 or 911).

Step 2: Go to “Verify your Account” screen, hit on (Email or Phone) tab, this will show you keyboard, just hit on > Settings Gear icon > Keyboard layout and feedback > key-tap feedback.


Step 3: On Answering and ending calls screen, you just need to tap to > Sounds and vibration > Answering and ending calls > enable “Answer Automatically.

-Afterwards, tap on top right corner button to “Turn on”.


Step 4: Hit on both “2 seconds & Customize” options at the same time with your 2 fingers, by doing this few times will crash “Call Settings”.

Note: You could be failed at first attempt, so don’t worry just try 2-3 times, if you have been redirected back to previous screen, so go back by hitting on > Answering and ending calls > answer automatically.



Step 5: Try again by hitting both options (2 seconds + Customize) at same time, from popup window, tap to “App info”, and then tap to “Settings gear icon” from top right corner of your device screen.

go to call setting gear icon galaxy s8


Step 6: Tap on > Block Number > Recent.

tap to block number to bypass frp Samsung A50


Step 7: After selecting the (Emergency Number), you will be shown (Emergency Number) at the top, just tap on that, and tap to “Message icon” to Bypass frp Samsung A50.

bypass google account frp Samsung A50


Step 8: Tap “3 dots”, and tap “Add or remove people”, type (1111), and tap to “+” icon.

add or remove people 3 dots


Step 9: Tap on saved (1111) from top, and hit on “ADD” from bottom left corner, and then “Create Contact”.

Create New Contact in Samsung A50 to bypass frp


Step 10: We have to save new contact by giving any name in (Name Field), and type email ([email protected]) in email field tab, and then tap to “SAVE“.

-After that, tap to “email icon”, and then tap on “Gmail”, and after that just tap to “Just Once”.

Save New Contact with OUTLOOK to Unlock FRP Samsung A50


Step 11: Skip > Add an email address > exchange and office 365 > Ask for permission > Allow.

exchange and office 365


Step 12: In email field tab, just type email ([email protected]), and then go to > Manual Setup > Exchange > Select > Ok.

gmail manual setup to bypass frp


Step 13: After hitting on “Select”, you will be redirected to (Protect your phone) screen, from there, you should tap on “Fingerprints”, and then give your any remembered PIN lock code twice time, later on this code will be use to Bypass frp Samsung A50.

outlook email fingerprints bypass frp Samsung A50


Now simply restart your device and finish your setup wizard, from the (Verify your Account) screen, just tap to “SKIP”, That’s all.



Method 2: Bypass FRP Samsung A50 With PIN Locked SIM

Keep your pin locked SIM Card nearby, because with the help of this sim card, we will Bypass FRP Samsung A50 without any PC, first of all we will bring top notification bar, and then from there, we will reach in our phone settings to easily bypass frp.

Warning: This process of bypass frp is only for device owner, and only for educational purpose.

-First of all, setup 4 digits pin lock code in your SIM card by any other android phone.

-Start process by connecting WiFi in your phone first.

-Put your phone on the screen of “Check out some info to get started“.

Now we have to follow below all steps very carefully.

-Insert pin locked sim card in your phone.

-Now popup sim tray only and keep the sim removal pin in sim tray hole on standby position, so later on you could quickly remove sim tray when you are required.

Note: You have to popup the sim tray only, do not remove sim tray completely, otherwise you wont be able to insert it very quickly as you should.

-Now Insert SIM Tray, and quickly start tapping on “Next” option same as shown in below image.

-After you have the screen of “Enter SIM Card Unlock PIN”, Quickly Remove SIM Tray, and then quickly tap on “OK” from popup window. if you did not understand steps, you can have look in below screen shot.


Quickly tap on “Lock icon”, and you will successfully get top notification bar.

-Now just tap on “Notification Settings”.


-After that tap “See all”.

-Tap “Most Recent” and then select “All”, after that go down and tap “Youtube”.


-Now go to > in-app-notification settings > About > Youtube terms of service.

-You will have google chrome screen, from there just tap > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.

-Now we can Bypass FRP Samsung A50 by installing frp tools.


Download Tools in Samsung Galaxy A50:

-Search “Download frp tools“, and go to searched result that relevant to our website.


-Go down & download “Nova Launcher” app.

-Wait till download finish, and after that you will surely have a popup message bottom of your screen, from that just tap “OPEN”.

-Tap “Settings” from another dialog box and then turn on option “Allow from this source”.

-Tap on downloaded app Nova Launcher, and then tap “Install”, after installation process finish, tap “Open”.

-Perfect, now you have entered in your frp locked Galaxy A50 device, but still we are few steps away from bypassing frp account.

-Tap “MENU” icon from bottom bar, and then tap “Setting gear icon”, now tap “Biometrics and Security”.

-Tap > Finger Prints > Continue > Pattern.

-Draw your desire pattern there, and do not forget your pattern, because we will get through frp screen using pattern lock while complete initial setup.

-If you see thumb impression screen, just tap on “Back Arrow” to go back.

-Now just restart phone Samsung Galaxy A50, because you have successfully bypassed frp Account Galaxy A50.

While completing setup wizard, you will be asked draw patter, so just draw your already setup pattern lock, and do also connect wifi in your phone, otherwise you won’t be able to finish setup wizard, and from the “verify your account” screen, you will also be able to tap on “SKIP” option, and use your pattern lock to access galaxy A50 without using any gmail account.

bypass frp account galaxy A50 without pc , skip account from google sign in screen

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