how to bypass google account frp lock Nokia 4.2 Android 11

Bypass Google Account Nokia 4.2 Android 11 – FRP Bypass Without PC

You must be facing frp lock on your device, that’s the reason you are unable to access the device without entering the previously syncing gmail account, if you still do not remember your signed account, then you will have to Bypass Google Account Nokia 4.2 (Android 11).

This FRP Bypass procedure is very simple and easy to be applied on NOKIA 4.2, just connect WiFi, and change language from (Welcome) homepage, afterwards, access to chrome browser…. Follow steps from below.

Warning: Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed, this process is for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Bypass Google Account Nokia 4.2 (Android 11):

1. Connect WiFi & Change language to (Russian) or any your regional language except (English).


2. Access to > Blue Button > Bottom Left Option.

3. Tap again “Bottom Left” option, and then tap “Centered Google” by following below screen shot.


4. Hit on centered (Email or Phone) field tab to open keyboard, and long hit on “World icon” from keyboard, and then tap to “Last Hyperlink” option from popup window.

Add Few Languages in Keyboard:

5. Tap to centered “BLUE Option”, and select langauge same as shown in below image, and then tap to “Bottom Right” button to add this language in your keyboard, this will help you to remove frp account.


6. We will another language in keyboard by hitting at “Blue Button” from center, and then select any 2nd language from list, and then tap to “Bottom Right” option.


7. Add final and 3rd language in keyboard by hitting on “Blue Button” from center, and then select any 3rd language from list, and then tap to “Bottom Right” option.


8. Go back to startup screen (Welcome) page, and change your device language to “English”, so that we could easily understand other remaining steps to bypass google account Nokia 4.2

9. Go to > Let’s Go > Skip > Don’t Copy > Use My Google Account instead.

10. Hit again on (Email or Phone) tab to bring keyboard.

11. Long press on “World icon”, tap to last “Blue Hyperlink” from popup box.


12. Go to “Add Keyboard”, and tap at any “Arrow indicated Language”.


13. Hit on “3 dots”, and then tap to “Help & Feedback”.


14. Type in search field tab “Use Morse Code”, and then tap to “Use Morse Code” from searched result.


15. Tap to “Video Play icon”, and then hit on “3 dots” from video top corner, now go to “Share Arrow”, and then hit on “3 dots / Tile” from the video same as shown in below image.


16. Drag down the YouTube video, and then tap at “Profile icon / 3 dots” from top corner, and then tap at “Settings gear icon”.


17. Go to > About > YouTube terms of services.


18. Tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Access to Settings NOKIA 4.2:

19. Search in browser “Download frp tools“, and go to our website, hit on “Access to Device Settings” to access directly into Nokia settings.


20. Go to > Apps & Notification > See All Apps.


21. In app list, there must be “3 dots” at corner, just hit on over there, and then tap to “Show System”.

22. Find & Disable & Force Stop “Android Setup”.


23. Find & Disable & Force Stop 2nd “Android Setup”.


24. Find & Disable “Google Play Services”.


25. Long press “Power Key”, and hit on “Restart” Option.

Finish Setup Wizard:

26. Change Nokia language back to “English”.

27.  Tap to “Lets Go”, and then hit on “SKIP”.

28. From the (Loading…) screen, just tap at “Back Arrow”, afterwards, tap to > Setup Offline > Continue.


29. Tap on > SKIP > SKIP  > Skip > Skip Anyway” from (Set Screen Lock) screen.

30. Now hit on > Leave & Get Reminder > Not Now.

Congrats, we have got accessed to our Nokia 4.2, we have to perform factory reset the device in order to completely bypass google account Nokia 4.2, if you don’t wanna do that, you can add your new account, and give it a try by restarting the device, if it does not show you again (FRP Lock), that means you are not required to perform factory reset.

31. Go to > Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Option > Erase all data (Factory Reset) > Delete all Data.

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