Bypass FRP Account Tecno Spark 8 Pro Android 11

Delete Bypass FRP Account Tecno Spark 8, Spark 8 Pro [ANDROID 11]

We will use a transferring app (Xshare) to Bypass FRP Account Tecno Spark 8, Spark 8 Pro (Android 11), but you will also required another (Android Device), that could be of your any family member or friend, no problem, just for few minutes, we required this other device to transfer (FRP Tools) with the help of Xshare app.

Note: This procedure is only for device owner and for educational purpose only, so try this only on your own device.


How to Bypass FRP Account Tecno Spark 8:

Step 1: Connect with WiFi, and then Change Language to “Hindi” (हिंदी)..


Step 2: Go to > Centered Blue Option > Bottom Right Option > Bottom Right Option.


Step 3: Check the box, and then again hit on “Bottom Right Option “.

Step 4: Wait on loading screen, and then tap to “Bottom Left Option”.

Step 5: Tap to “Centered Google” option to get into google verification screen.


Step 6: Tap at centered (Email or Phone) field box to open keyboard.

Step 7: After keyboard popup, long hit on “World icon”, and then tap to “Last Blue Link” from the popup window.



Step 8: Go to “Centered Blue Option”, and then tap to any “Arrow” from the language list.


Step 9: Hit “3 dots” from top corner, and then tap to “2nd Option”.


Step 10: Tap in “Search” area, and long tap “World icon” from keyboard, and select 2nd option “Alphabate”.

Step 11: Type “Delete or disable”, and then hit on searched result “Delete or Disable apps on Android”.

Step 12: Tap on “Hyper Link” same as shown in below image.


Step 13: After accessing inside app list, tap to “Settings gear icon”, and then hit on “Bottom Left Arrow” to open settings.


Step 14: Once we accessed inside settings, we will change device language to easily Bypass FRP Account Tecno Spark 8, Spark 8 Pro


Change Device Language to English:

Step 15: Go all the way down from settings, and hit on “Last Option” same as shown in below image, and then tap to first option > Language > Language.


Step 16: Tap to “+” option, find and tap on “English”, and then from popup message, tap to “Right Option”.


Step 17: Tap “3 dots” from top corner, and then tap to “Remove”.

Step 18: Select “Hindi Language”, and then tap to “Delete icon” from bottom.


Step 19: Now the device language has been changed successfully, we will go to sign in new google account.

Step 20: Get back to “App Settings” through hitting on “Back Arrow” carefully.


Step 21: Search “XS”, and then tap to “XShare” app, afterwards, tap to “OPEN”.


Step 22: Swipe screen to left 2-3 times, and then tap to “START > Agree > Allow”.

We will transfer 2 apps from our other device to Tecno Spark 8, and through these 2 apps we will easily Bypass FRP Account Tecno Spark 8.


Download Apps in Other Android Device:

Step 23: In any other android device, first of all download frp apps, for that, open chrome browser and search “Download FRP Tools“.

Step 24: Access to our website frp tools page by following below image.


Step 25: Download from there below 2 apps to Bypass FRP Account Tecno Spark 8, Spark 8 Pro.

1/ Google Account Manager 9.

2/ Account Login.

Once downloading process done, we will install same (XShare) app through playstore in our other android device to transfer these 2 downloaded apps to the Tecno Spark 8 / 7 Pro.

Step 26: Install & Open “Xshare” app from PlayStore.


Step 27: Hit on > Send > Files > Phone Storage > Download > Select your both downloaded frp apps.


Step 28: Hit on > Send > Allow > Allow modify settings.

Step 29: Tap to “Back Arrow”, and then tap to “Allow”, and then tap turn on “Allow from this source”.

Step 30: Check mark option (i am aware of this possible….), and then wait, and tap to “OK”, and this will show you a (QR Code).


Scan QR Code from Tecno Spark 8:

Step 31: Tap to > Transfer > Receive.


Step 32: Hit on 1st option “Allow” for few times until you see “Scanning QR Code” screen.

Step 33: Afterwards, scan QR Code, that you received in other android device.

After that, both device will be connected each other, and it will starts transferring both downloaded frp apps from other android device to Tecno Spark 8.

Step 34: Open “Account Login” app.


Step 35: You will be redirected to “Retype Password” screen, from there tap to “3 dots”, and then “Browser Sign-in”.

Step 36: Sign in with your valid Gmail Account to Bypass FRP Account Tecno Spark 8.


Step 37: By tapping on “Back Arrow”, just get back to “App Settings” screen carefully, find and tap on “Google “Account Manager”, and then tap to “Uninstall”.


Get back to first start-up screen (HiOS), and complete setup wizard same as you do with a brand new device, you won’t face any frp locking screen this time, because you are all done.

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