2 Methods to Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Pro, C5 Android 8, 6

With the help of below 2 frp removal methods, you will be able to Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Pro, C5 Android 8, Android 6 without using computer, you can try any one of the below method according to your device android version.

Method 1: Bypass FRP Galaxy C5 Pro, C5 (Android 6)
Method 1: Bypass FRP Galaxy C5 Pro, C5 (Android 8)

Warning: This method is only for device owner & for educational purpose.


Method 1: Bypass FRP Samsung C5, C5 Pro (Android 6)

-Connect WiFi, and tap to “Add Network”.

-Type any text in (SSID) field tab, and long tap on your typed text, after that choose “Assist” option.


-Type “Ch”, and go to “Chrome” browser from google app.


-Hit on > Accept & Continue > No Thanks.


-Search in browser “Download frp tools“, and go to our website searched result by following below image.


-Download below 2 apps to bypass frp Samsung C5, C5 Pro.

1/ Google Account Manager 6.

2/ Account Login.

-After downloading both above apps, access back to “Google App Search Box” by tapping on back arrow carefully.

-Search “File”, and tap to “My Files” from searched result, and then tap to “Downloads”.


-Both downloaded app will be available there, lets install these apps to bypass frp.

-Tap to > Google Account Manager 6 > Settings > Turn on (Unknown Sources) options.

-Tap to > Install > Decline > Done.

-Now hit on > Account Login > Settings > Turn on (Unknown Sources) options > Install > Open.

-Go to “3 dots” from top corner, and hit on “Browser Sign-in”.


-Sign in with your any valid gmail account, and this gmail account will be used for future frp lock protection.

-Restart Samsung device and complete setup wizard, you are all done, the new account has been added successfully.



Method 2: Bypass FRP Samsung C5, C5 Pro (Android 8)

-Turn on device and connect WiFi, go back to first “Start” screen.

-Insert any PIN Locked SIM card, and put (SIM Removal Pin) in the ejector hole.


-You will see a screen (Enter SIM Card Unlock PIN).

-Using 2 fingers, press both “SIM Removal PIN”, and also press “Power Button”.

Note: You have to remove SIM and also press “Power button” at the same time, you may fail in few attempts, but keep trying.


-Wake up the screen by pressing (Power Button) again, and there you will have a (Not Signed in) window, that means the trick worked fine.

-Swipe the screen (Not Signed in) to the “Right Side”, and then tap on “Bell icon”.

tap on bell icon from not signed in to bypass frp Samsung C5 Pro


-Go to > Notification Settings > Youtube > in-app notification settings >


-Tap on > About > Google Privacy Policy.


-From the (Samsung Internet) browser, just hit on > Start > Cancel.


Download Samsung FRP Tools:

-Search in browser “Google.com”.

-Now search in the search box “Download Samsung frp tools“, and visit our website searched result.


-Go down, and download below 2 frp apps to Bypass FRP Samsung C5.

1. Google Account Manager 5.

2. Google Account Manager 6.

3. Account Login.

-Go to top of the page, and tap to > Bookmarks > History > Download History.


-Tap on “Google Account Manager 5”, from the popup window of Samsung internet, just tap on “Settings”, and enable option “Allow from this source”.

-Hit on “Back Arrow” from top left corner, and then tap to > Install > Done.

-Tap on > Google Account Manager 6 > Install > Done.

-Tap on > Account Login > Install > Open.


-Go to > 3 dots > Browser Sign-in.


-Login with your any valid Gmail Account to Bypass FRP Samsung C5.

-You are all done, just restart device & complete setup wizard.

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