Reset FRP OPPO A9 2020 Android 11 wthout PC

Reset FRP OPPO A9 2020 Google Account Bypass Android 11

Reset FRP OPPO A9 2020 Android 11 without installing and using any frp tools, in this method, we will access to google app, and from there we will search (Reset Settings), and then will just perform factory reset, so to get your OPPO device in working condition, just apply this method.

This method has been applied successfully on OPPO A9 2020 (CPH1937) Android 11.

Warning: This method is just for a OPPO A9 device owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Start to Reset FRP OPPO A9 2020:

-Firstly connect WiFi to your OPPO phone and get back to first (Select Language) homepage.

-From the (Select Language) screen, tap to > Next > Next.

-On WiFi screen, tap on “Manually Add a network”.

-Tap to > Mic icon > Deny.


Tap to > Mic icon > Deny & Don’t Ask Again.


-Tap to > Mic icon > Allow.


-Go to “Permission”, and hit over “Search icon” from top corner.


-Search there “Reset”, and tap to > Erase All Data (Factory Reset) > Erase all Data.

-Now from the popup window, tap 2 times on “Erase Data”.

Erase all data factory reset to reset frp OPPO A9 2020


-The device will auto restart, wait until this process finishes successfully.

-We will get back to first (Select Language) screen, now we are gonna finish setup wizard without connecting WiFi.


Finish OPPO A9 Setup Wizard:

-Tap to > Next > i have read and agree all of the above > Next > Skip > Next.

-From (Google Services) screen, tap to > More > More > Accept.

-Tap to > Later > Later > Next > Next > Next.

-Hit on “SKIP” from top right corner of the screen.

-Access to the OPPO A9 device homescreen by hitting on “Get Started” button.

-Congrats you are all done now from Reset FRP OPPO A9 2020 without PC and FRP Tools, now you can your own latest google account for the adding latest frp security to prevent data stolen.

reset to reset frp OPPO A9 2020 by factory rest easily


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