how to bypass FRP Account Galaxy A03 Core Android 11

Bypass Google FRP Galaxy A03 Core Android 11 Without Knox

If you are unable to remember your recently signed in google account, so use this way to Bypass Google FRP Galaxy A03 Core Android 11 without enabling (Knox) with the help of free app (Alliance Shield X), and login with your new google account, after that you will be able to complete setup wizard and use your device without having any restrictions, follow instructions from below.

Disclaimer: This method is for educational purpose only, try this method only on your own phone, do not try this method on stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to unlock stolen phone, you may also be jailed.


Requirement before Start:

⇒ Create your free Samsung Account [Click Here]

⇒ Create your free Alliance Shield X Account. [Click Here]

⇒ WiFi Connection.


Let’s Start to Bypass Google FRP Galaxy A03 Core:

-Connect WiFi, and go back t first (Welcome!) homepage.

-Tap 7 times rapidly on a screen to enable (QR Code) option.

-You will be redirected to the (Checking for update..) screen, just tap on “Back Arrow” before the loading process done.


-You will have now (Connect to Network) screen, tap on > See All WiFi Network > Add New Network.


-Now tap on “QR Code” logo from there.

-From the QR reading screen, tap on “image” icon.


-Tap to “MENU” icon from up-left corner, and go to “Drive”.

-Hit on “Permission”, and then hit on “Search icon” from top corner.

-Search “Chrome”, and tap on “Chrome” icon from searched result, after that tap on “Open”.

Open chrome browser


-Go to > Accept & Continue > No Thanks.


Install Alliance Shield from Google Store:

-Search in browser “Download Samsung FRP Tools“.


-Visit our website searched result, and from there tap on “Install Alliance Shield X from Galaxy Store” to Bypass Google FRP Galaxy A03 Core.

-You will be redirected inside Galaxy Store, from there hit on > Continue > Install > Open.

Note: You may be asked to sign in first, so you have to sign in with your Samsung Account, if you don’t have any account, you create that account in free from Samsung website.

INSTALL and Open Alliance Shield X app to remove frp Account Galaxy S22


-Once you reach to Alliance Shield X app, tap to “Skip”.

-If you have registered your account already, so sign in there with your account, otherwise create your free account in (Alliance Shield X) app by hitting on (Register) button.

-Tap on “Back Arrow” Name Your Device screen.

Tap to Back from Allianc Shield x app


Force Stop & Clear Cache Some Apps:

-Go to “App Manager”, and tap on “Search icon” from top corner.

go to app manager from Alliance Shiled X


-Tap to “Search icon” from top right corner.

-Search & Tap on “Android Setup”, go to > Actions > App Settings.


-We need to clear cache and force stop the (Android Setup) app, so tap to “Force Stop”, and hit on “OK” from popup window.

-Go to > Storage > Clear Cache.


-Go back to (Searching Area) again, now search and go to > Samsung Setup Wizard > Actions > App Settings.


-Tap to “Force Stop”, and hit on “OK” from popup window.

-Go to > Storage > Clear Cache.


-Go back to (Searching Area) again, now search and go to > Google Play Services > Actions > App Settings.


-Hit on “Force Stop”, and then hit on “Disable” button.

-Now you have to go back again to search page, search and access again to “Samsung Setup Wizard”, and then tap to “Activities”.

-Go all the way down, and tap on 7th last option (


-You will have a popup window, just tap on “Open”.

-Now you will be redirecting inside your device homescreen, but the homescreen may start flashing up, this can be fixed easily just by enabling (Google Play Services).

-Swipe down from top to get top bar menu, and hit on “Settings” gear icon.

Note: You may have to put some effort to get top bar menu, because the screen will keep flashing, after multiple tries, you will be able to bring top bar menu.

-Swipe to right the (Enable Google Play Services) message, and tap to “Settings”.


-Hit on “Chrome” icon from very top, and then tap to “Permissions”.

tap on chrome icon and permission to bypass google frp Galaxy A03 Core


-Search “Settings”, and go all the way down, from there tap on “Settings app info“.

-Tap to “Open” from bottom left corner.


Enable Google Play Services:

-Go to “Apps & Notification”.

-Tap on “All App”.


-Tap to “Down arrow” from top left corner of (All), and select “Disabled”.


-Go to “Google Play Services”, and hit on “Enable” button.

-Now Go back to (Settings), and hit on > Account > Account > Add Account > Google.

-Sign in with your active Gmail Account to finally Bypass Google FRP Galaxy A03 Core.


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