how to remove frp Tecno Pova Neo 2

Remove FRP Tecno Pova Neo 2 – FRP Acc Bypass

This is awesome and one of the best way to Remove FRP Tecno Pova Neo 2, and this method is currently working with so many devices, so this same process can be applied on this model to complete remove your old forgotten google account to get back your device with new security lock, follow up all steps from below.

Note: We highly recommend you to apply this method only on your own device, if you are not owner of this Tecno Pova 4 device, or you found this from some where, you must return this device to its real owner.


Let’s Start to Remove FRP Tecno Pova Neo 2:

Step 1: First of all Connect WiFi, and go back to first (Select Language) screen, form there tap to > Next > Next > Skip.

Step 2: Afterwards, hit on “QR code” same as shown in below image.

Step 3: Go to “Nearby Share” button, and tap to “TURN ON” button.

Tap to QR Code to bypass frp Tecno Spark 9


Step 4: Go to link “Need Help Sharing?”.

need help link


Step 5: From help screen, tap to > 3 Dotes > Share Articles.

Go to share article to bypass frp tecno spark 9, spark 9t


Step 6: Hit on “Message” icon, and then tap to “New Message”, and send message of “” to 123 number.

send youtube in message to bypass frp Tecno Spark 9, Spark 9t


Step 7: This message will turn to a hyperlink, from that message, just tap on “Tap to load preview”, and then tap on “Youtube”.

tap to youtube video prevew to reach inside youtube


Note: In case, if you get back to QR Code scanning page, don’t worry repeat all above steps again, and hit again on youtube link, this time the youtube website will be launched successfully.

Step 8: Tap on “Profile icon” from top corner, and go to > Settings > About > Youtube terms of service.


Step 9: From chrome window, tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Access inside Device Settings:

Step 10: Search in browser “Download FRP Tools“, and go to our website searched result

Step 11: Scroll down and hit on a link “Access Device Settings“.

Access device settings from download frp tools page

Step 12: Once you reach inside Tecno Pova 4 device settings, just scroll down and go to “Special Functions”.

Step 13: Go to > Accessibility > Accessibility MENU > Turn on (Accessibility MENU Shortcut) > Allow > Got it.

Note: After turning on menu shortcut, the 3 green dots icon will begin appearing at bottom right side, we must need this 3 dots icon to successfully bypass frp Tecno Pova 4, Pova 4 pro.


Go Back to Settings Page:

Step 14: Tap 1 or 2 times carefully to just reach back to (Settings).

Step 15: Go to > App Management > App list.

Step 16: Hit on “3 dots” from upright, and tap to “Show System”.


Step 17: Open “Android Setup” app, and hit on “Force Stop” option from there.

Force Stop Auto Android to remove google frp vivo v21 5g


Step 18: Hit on another “Android Setup” which is settings icon one, and tap to > Force Stop > Ok.

force stop android setup to Bypass FRP Infinix Hot 12 Play


Step 19: Get back to (App list) again, search and open “Google Play Services” app from there, and hit on > Force Stop > Ok.


Step 20: Go all the way back to first (Select Language) screen, and then tap to > Next > Next > Skip > Next > I’ve read and agree > Next.

Note: On Connect WiFi screen, if you see any trouble, insert SIM Card with mobile data.

-You will get a loading screen of “Just wait a few moments” so wait there, and then hit on “Don’t Copy” option.


Turn on “Google Play Services” app:

Step 21: When you have a screen of (Checking for update…), here we have to enable “Google Play Services” app to finish setup wizard, otherwise this screen will stuck on this message, and you won’t be able to bypass this screen till you follow below steps quickly and repeatedly.

Step 22: When you see “Checking for update” screen, just tap on > 3 dots > Assistant.

Note: Pop will appear, if it does not, just repeat step again, again tap “3 dots” and again hit on “Assistant”.

Step 23: So hit on > 3 dots > Assistant > Settings.

Go to assistant from 3 dots to bypass frp Tecno POP 6


Step 24: You will reach inside google play services app, just hit on “Enable” button.

enable google play servics to bypass frp tecno spark 9t


Step 25: Once you enabled this app, just tap on “Back Arrow” one time, and you will get back to (Checking for update) screen, but this screen will finish up very soon.

Step 26: From google services screen, go to > More > More > Accept.

Step 27: You can skip sign in to Tecno ID screen, that’s up to you.

Step 28: Setup your new screen lock and finish setup wizard on your own, you are all done from bypass frp Tecno Pova 4,  Tecno Pova 4 Pro.


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