how to bypass FRP Tecno BC3 without pc

Tecno BC3 Bypass Google FRP With New PIN Setup Method

You can follow up steps here for Tecno BC3 Bypass Google FRP, the android device gets FRP lock because of hard reset without knowing already signed in google account, later on, while completing initial setup, you face google verification screen, and the screen can’t be bypassed until we login with same account, that was recently setup. to bypass this screen, follow steps here cautiously.

Note: This method is just for device owner and for educational Purpose only.


Let’s Start Bypass FRP Process:

-Turn on device, and connect WiFi first.

Prepare a Pin locked SIM card, you can setup 4 digits pin in your any SIM card using any other android device.

-Insert PIN locked SIM in Tecno BC3 device, and you will have there a (Enter SIM PIN for Card 1) screen.

-Tap over “Emergency”, and then double tap on “Emergency Information”, now hit on a “Pencil” icon from top right corner.


-You will be asked again to enter SIM pin, give your correct 4 digits PIN lock there to bypass this screen.

-Tap to “Add Contact”, after that, tap at any “Contact Name”.

-Hit again on your same “Contact Name”, that you recently hit on from contact list.

Tap on add contact to bypass frp Tecno BC3

-Tap to “3 dots”, and then tap to “Share” option.

3 dots to share with gmail for Alcatel A3 XL Bypass frp

-After that, you will see there some share options, just long hold over “Gmail” icon, and then go to “App info”.

long tap gmail icon to get app info option


-Tap “Search icon” from top right corner.

Type in search area “Settings”, and then go to down, and hit on > Settings > Open.

access to settings of oneplus 5T


Setup Latest PIN for Tecno BC3 Bypass Google FRP:

-From settings, just scroll down, and tap over > Security > Screen Pinning > Turn on button from there.

Turn on Screen Pinning to Remvoe FRP Google Pixel Android 10


Turn on “Lock Device When Unpinning”, and then tap to “Fingerprint + PIN”.

tap to fingerprint + pin to bypass google account oneplus 5


Set any 4 digits pin code, and then tap to “Confirm”.

setup pin from set screen lock


-After setup new pin successfully, just go all he way back on first “Hi there” screen, from there, tap over > Start > Next>.

-Check mark option “Click to confirm you agree..”, and then tap over “Next”.

-Wait on (Checking for update) screen, and then tap over “Don’t Copy”.

-You will be displayed a very pin screen, just give your recently setup PIN there to bypass that screen.

-From google screen, tap to > SKIP > SKIP.


-Finish rest steps on your own, and you are all done now from