How to bypass frp Galaxy A04 and Galaxy A04s Android 12

Bypass FRP Galaxy A04, A04s Android 12 Without PC and Restore

You can bypass FRP Galaxy A04, Galaxy A04s Android 12, and there is no need other mobile device or any Xshare app, because we are gonna bypass frp with latest way, but you would required some free frp tools, and we have placed all those tools downloaded links in this post, so follow all steps […]

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how to remove frp account Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Remove FRP Account Samsung Note 10 Plus, Note 10 [Old Method]

These are some old method to Remove FRP Account Samsung Note 10 Plus, and Galaxy note 10 without downgrading firmware or android version, you can try these some old method, if you have tried all available latest methos, and still facing same FRP locking issue, then follow up these 2 methods as well, you may […]

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Remove FRP Account Samsung A53 5G

2 Ways to Bypass FRP Galaxy A53 5G Android 12 [Updated]

There are top 2 methods available to bypass frp Galaxy A53 5G without PC, and with PC, in method-1, we are gonna use most latest method with new versions Samfw tool, which will enable adb and will remove frp completely withing few minutes, and in (Method-2), we will use old method, in which, you need […]

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how to bypass frp Galaxy A90 without pc

How to Bypass FRP Galaxy A90 With Alliance Shield App (New)

This method is working these days perfectly on Samsung A90, if you are unable to remember Google Account, so try this way to Bypass FRP Galaxy A90 Android 12/11 without PC, just create your free Samsung Account, and then install a free app from (Galaxy Store), through this single app, we will be able remove […]

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how to bypass frp Samsung Galaxy Android 12

3 Methods to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy Android 12 Without PC

Top 3 methods available here to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy Android 12 without using Alliance Shield X app, as we know, there are lots of methods available, but most of them are now out dated, very few of them may working hardly on some devices, because the most latest method was of (Alliance Shield x) […]

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bypass frp Samsung android 11

How to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy Android 11 [Updated]

If you are still unable to find perfect solution for your device to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy Android 11, so We have here top methods of the year 2022 and 2021, which are being used widely on a Samsung Galaxy Android 11 device, so you can try all below methods, and we hope one of […]

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3 Methods to Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Pro, C5 Android 8, 6

Three top and best ways to get inside device homescreen and Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Pro, C5 Android 8, Android 6 without PC, in first 2 methods, those are specifically for (Android 8) version devices, you are required a 1 active SIM card, and all steps are very easy and can easily be followed on […]

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how to bypass frp Galaxy C9 Pro without PC

2 Methods to Bypass FRP Galaxy C9 Pro Android 8,7,6 Without PC

We have 2 methods here for different version devices to bypass frp Galaxy C9 Pro Android 7, Android 8, you can follow up any method which is relevant to your device android version, and bypass frp right now without using computer or software and sign in up with new google account, all steps can be […]

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Bypass frp Galaxy C7

How to Bypass frp Galaxy C7 Without PC With 2 Ways [Updated]

We’re gonna share with you 2 methods here to bypass frp Galaxy C7, both methods are without PC, just connect WiFi and start process, you just have to disable few apps from the device app list, and then we will be able to get inside the device homescreen, in 1st method, you will have to […]

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