Select Your Samsung Model to Bypass FRP

⇒ Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+

⇒ Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+:

-Galaxy S8 | S8+ Method 1

-Galaxy S8 | S8+ Method 2

-Galaxy S8 | S8+ Method 3

-Galaxy S8 | S8+ Method

⇒ Samsung Galaxy S8 edge)

⇒ Samsung Galaxy S7 edge / S7:

-Galaxy S7 edge Method 1

-Galaxy S7 edge Method 2

        -Galaxy S7 & S7 edge Without Talkback (New Method 2019)

⇒ Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus

⇒ Samsung Galaxy S6 edge:

-Galaxy S6 edge Method 1

-Galaxy S6 edge Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy S6:

-Galaxy S6 Method 1

-Galaxy S6 Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

⇒ Samsung Galaxy Note 9

⇒ Samsung Galaxy Note 8

⇒ Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Anroid 7.0

⇒ Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime:

-Galaxy J7 Prime Method 1

-Galaxy J7 Prime Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J7:

-Galaxy J7 Method 1

-Galaxy J7 Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus & J6

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime:

-Galaxy J7 Method 1

-Galaxy J7 Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J5 PRO

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J5

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J3:

-Galaxy J3 Method 1

-Galaxy J3 Method 2

-Galaxy J3 (06) Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

-Galaxy J2 Method 1

-Galaxy J2 Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy J1 mini Prime

⇒ Samsung Galaxy Ace

⇒ Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus

⇒ Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

⇒ Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus

⇒ Samsung Galaxy A8

⇒ Samsung Galaxy A7 | A5 | A3 Method 1

⇒ Samsung Galaxy A7 | A5 | A3 Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy A3

⇒ Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro FRP Method 1

⇒ Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro FRP Method 2

⇒ Samsung Galaxy On 5 Pro

⇒ Samsung Galaxy TAB A6

⇒ Samsung Galaxy M20

⇒ Bypass FRP All Samsung Galaxy Android 8 (New 2019)

⇒ Bypass FRP All Samsung Galaxy Android 9 (New 2019)



Note: If your Device Model Number is not Listed, Kindly Search in below Search Box, or Type your Model No in Comment Box. Thank You

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88 thought on “Select Your Samsung Model to Bypass FRP”

  1. Jeremy Hopper says:

    Yes i have a Samsung Galaxy S 8 plus and i have a google lock on it i factory rest it and everything an now it asked for the google account that was sync with this device before to log on i need some help with this please

  2. Chris lanier says:

    AM J-327az

  3. Charles L Mills says:


  4. Charles L Mills says:


  5. Tom says:

    Smj327t1 parse dont work

  6. Jabulani says:

    Cant bypass my s6 plus edge Google account after forgot my email

  7. Mindy says:

    SM-J727AZ Halo cricket

  8. Amber says:

    Samsung j2core

  9. Sharon Morris says:

    I need bypass for Samsung galaxy J3 orbit model DAM-S367VL andiod version 8 I can’t use the. Remove Sim card tray trick because I have to remove the battrty to get to the Sim card which would turn the phone off. Any Help appreciated

  10. Mike Dunn says:

    Sm j337t

  11. Mark F. says:

    samsung SM-G550T1

  12. Tamara h. says:

    Sm-T377R4, please help

  13. Patrick says:


  14. dustin says:

    Galaxy s7 active 8.0

  15. MISTY TROXTELL says:


    1. try our other samsung brand frp bypass method by matching android version

  16. Chipley says:

    model sm-n920v

  17. Lucy says:


  18. Yubaraj says:

    J7 6 frp unlock

  19. JP says:

    SM-G361F. Thanks

  20. Marie Kipling says:


  21. marie says:

    samsung galaxy s7 7.0/NRD90M/G930W8VLS3BRC2

  22. Keamogetse says:

    Am looking for Samsung j400F lte Google account bypass method please help

    1. you can try our Galaxy J3 frp bypass method just by matching android version

  23. Brenden says:

    Samsung galaxy amp prime 3

    1. if your model is not listed, don’t worry, just try frp bypass method just by matching brand and android version and most closest model number

  24. Katryna Williams says:

    Samsung sm t337a

  25. Mitchel says:

    J737au..please help? Lol
    Version 8.0.0

  26. Sheena Wamsley says:

    Galaxy Tab E Android 7

  27. Stephanie says:

    Frp bypass for model #sm-j727v

  28. tauni says:

    sm-j727vpp kant seeem to find

  29. tauni says:


  30. Autum Albarico says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6
    Model T560nu

  31. Nicole Hill says:

    R16NW / G965USQS3ARI6

  32. Gary Osterhout says:

    samsaung galaxy s7 model : SM-G93VL(GP)

  33. bonnie says:

    samsung tab sm-t819y

  34. Summer says:

    mσdєl numвєr SM-J260T1

  35. pupahmura says:

    smj1 mini not work talkbar and usb note support

  36. dre says:

    samsung tablet a6 is not listed 0890

  37. angie says:


  38. Paul Lindsell says:


  39. Ricky Martin says:

    Samsung galaxy siii not listed. Sch-s968c

  40. Asshh says:

    Samsung galaxy note 3 neo is not listed

    1. what is your device android version?

      1. Ricky Martin says:

        Ver. 4.1.2. Jellybean

  41. Stevie says:

    Trying to get cool pad 3632a 7.1 bypass frp apk. .oleasasss

  42. David Burtrum says:


  43. Timothy Pitsch says:

    Samsung galaxy amp 2

  44. Attila Papp says:

    galaxy tab e running 7.1.1

  45. D.j says:


  46. Chris says:

    Galaxy Tab S2 T713

  47. BO Downin says:

    sm-n920v not listed

  48. Michael Land says:

    Galaxy S5 G900VZ

  49. Tommy Little says:

    SM_J120A UD

  50. Flávio Matias says:

    Samsung galaxy tab A6

  51. Dean Burnham says:

    Sm-j727t1 Samsung

  52. Jennifer says:

    Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro

    Model number SM-S337TL

    1. Did you try our J3 Pro frp bypass method, you can try that, we have some methods relevant j3, i would recommend you to try frp method just by matching brand and android version.

      1. Timothy Pitsch says:

        Galaxy amp 2

  53. Type your FRP Model Here, if its not listed

    1. David Burtrum says:


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