Display 3 dots Missing frp

How to Fix 3 dots Missing in my Android Device for Bypass Google Account

If you are trying to bypass google account, and you are unable to see “3 Dots on top right corner” on your android screen or Missing three 3 dots menu button after Marshmallow update, so yo can easily fix this issue, to Display 3 dots Missing, you have to download “MENU BUTTON” app only.

Or your android device keys are not working properly, so better solution is to download “MENU Button” app in your device, and you will have menu screen on your android device, this is the alternative solution of your problem.

Display 3 dots Missing, Fix 3 dots missing issue, how to get 3 dots

Let’s Start to Display 3 dots Missing in Android Devices:

Step 1:
-Tap on “Back Key” several times, till you go back to “GOOGLE CHROME”.

Note: If you are unable to go back to “Google Chrome“,  Click Here

-Type there “Bypass FRP Applications Techeligible“, tap on 1st search result.

-Swipe up to go down, and tap on “Menu Button [DOWNLOAD]” to download, download also “Quick Shortcut Maker” app from same page, if you have to remove FRP protection.

-You will have “pop up message” once downloading finish, tap on “OPEN”.

-Install “Menu Button”, and Open it.

Display 3 dots Missing, Fix 3 dots missing issue

Note: if you get installation blocked popup, tap on “Settings” from popup, and enable”Unknown Sources“.

How to Use Menu Button:

Step 2:
-After installing “Menu Button”, tap on “OPEN”.

-You’ll have “App Update” popup, tap 4 times on “CLOSE” to close it.

-Tap on > Display > Display the Settings Screen > ALLOW > Display the Settings Screen > enable “MENU BUTTON IME” > Tap on “Back Key”.

menu button install, menu button to fix 3 dots, download menu button
Step 3:
-Tap on “Display the Setting Screen”, tap to enable “Permit Drawing over other apps”, tap on “Back Key”.

-Tap on > Display the Setting Screen > Menu Button > turn it “ON” > Tap on “Back Key” to go back to Menu button app.

top right corner 3 dots display
-Tap on “DISPLAY”, now you will have “MENU BUTTONS” on right side to Display  3 dots Missing issue.

-Tap on “BACK KEY” to go back to “DOWNLOAD” folder.

bypass frp by displaying 3 dots
-Tap on “Quick Shortcut Maker” > Install > Open.

-Type in search bar ” Google Account Manager “, you will have popup right next to there, just tap on that to collapse down.

-Now you will have list of “Google Account Managers”.

-Select only one of them that appears with “TYPE EMAIL AND PASSWORD”, now tap on “TRY”.

Display 3 dots Missing, Fix 3 dots missing issue, how to get 3 dots, Top right corner 3 dots are missing, menu button
-Now tap on “3 Dots”, select “Menu Button IME”, now again tap on “3 Dots”.

-Tap on “Browser Sign-in”, add your valid “Gmail Account” to bypass FRP Protection.

I hope, you are succeeded to Display  3 dots Missing, and bypassed easily google account.