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Download Top Samsung FRP Bypass Tools for Android Devices

There are lots of Samsung FRP Bypass Tools for your Android devices and PC. As you know, for each Samsung model, you are required different FRP apk applications to fix FRP issue from the device. So, here in this single post, you can get all required apk apps with one click. Just scroll down little bit, and there you will be able to have a list of all available FRP Tools.

Note: Some files or software are password protected, and the password has already been mentioned here.


Download Top Samsung FRP Bypass Tools:

Below is the list of all available Samsung FRP Tools. You can easily download whatever tool is mentioned in your FRP Methods. In most of the frp methods, we are required Google Account Manager, Google Play Services, Apex Launcher, Quick Shortcut Maker. So all these famous free FRP Apps are available here. If your required tool is not listed here, you can mention us in below comment area, we will try to update here as soon as possible.


• Open Google Search Box
• Open SAMSUNG Settings
 Open SAMSUNG Galaxy Store
Install Alliance Shield X from Galaxy Store
•  Open Alliance Shield X
• Open Any Device Settings
Open Samsung Hidden Settings
Open Hidden Settings 
Open Set Pattern Lock
Open File Shortcut App
Open XShare App
• Package Disabler Pro
• Notification Bar
• Install S9 Launcher
• Account Login
• Apex Launcher 3.3.3
• Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0
• Google Play Services
• Play Services Hidden Settings
• DRParser Mode Calculator
• HushSMS
• Package Disabler Pro 
• Google Account Manager 10.X.X
• Google Account Manager 9.X.X 
• Google Account Manager 8.X.X 
• Google Account Manager 7.X.X 
• Google Account Manager 6.X.X
• Samsung FRP ADB Tool & Drivers
• RB Soft 1.6 With Loader PC 
• SamFw FRP Tool  Pass:
• Miracle 2.27 + NCK + GSM ADB Flasher Software PC
• Z3X Samsung Tool All Versions With Loader PC
• Octopus Samsung Tool Pro 1.9.4 With Loader PC
Odin Software v3.12.7
• Odin Software v3.14
Samsung FRP Helper V0.2  PC 
• Samsung USB Driver
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How To Use Samsung FRP Bypass Tools:

Through these Samsung FRP Tools, we can access to our device easily without already signed in google account. Because, in many cases, people just forget their own logged in google account. And that cause a device to have a FRP lock, to solve this issue, you can download frp Samsung frp tools from here. But you should know, how to use these tools in Android devices.

There are hundreds of Samsung models available with different android versions. So, surely, for each Samsung model, you would required a new and different FRP bypass method, in that method, you will be described, how to use these Samsung APK frp tools.


Samsung Android 8, 7 FRP Bypass Guideline:

We would recommend you to read this first, if your Samsung Galaxy device has android version like 8.0 or 7.0. For that, you should follow (Talkback) method, and by following this method, you will be able to access “Chrome Browser”, once you access there, simply open our this techeligible page in that frp protected device, and then, download from there Samsung frp bypass tool to unlock frp,


Samsung Android 12 Bypass FRP Guideline:

If you have a latest version of Samsung Galaxy Android 12, then, you would surely require a totally different way to get rid of google verification screen, and on this version, we have almost 3 methods to bypass frp, we are gonna describe you little bit here, how these apk apps actually work on your device.

Firstly, we turn on talkback feature using (Volume UP + Down), the talkback is a famous feature, that is widely used in almost all android devices. Through this feature, we can easily reach to (Youtube | Chrome) apps on a FRP protected device. After that, we open this (Samsung FRP Tools) page in that device, and download some required apks app from here with one tap. After that, install those applications to access your device home-screen easily and setup new google account, the link of all steps to bypass frp on Samsung Android 12 available here by using apk apps.


Samsung Android 13 Bypass FRP Guideline:

Android 13 is the most latest version in Samsung devices, and to setup new google account in these devices, you will have to follow latest way to get back your device. There are some best PC tools available, such as (Samfw and Samfirm) tools, these tools actually help you to reach directly chrome browser, and from there, reach inside the device settings.

After that, we just turn on (Android device manager), and disable few applications from device default installed app list. After that, the initial setup wizard can be completed without any google verification screen, and new pattern lock can be setup too. We have a detailed post on this topic that can be found as well here to delete frp on any Samsung Android 13 (2023) method.


How to Use Samsung FRP PC Tools:

In latest Android devices such as (Android 12, 13), Some famous tool (Samfrim & SamFW) are being widely used to get back Samsung device with new google account. And also, with the help of turning (Talkback features) and disable google play services app can allow you to sign in with new google account and skip forgotten google account as well.

In some old android version devices such as Android 7,8.9, you will need to enable “ADB Mode” in your device, if you are unable to get ADB Mode. So you can also keep your device on Download Mode, and then flash your device with Combination FIRMWARE“. After that you can easily enable “USB Debugging” and ADB mode, once its enabled, simply install software from above, and then connect your device to computer for completing flash method. Thanks to download Samsung FRP Bypass Tools from here, we hope, you will be able to get back your device with updated google account.