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SM-R600 Samsung Wearable Device has Certification of Bluetooth SIG

SM-R600 Samsung Wearable Device is now having certification by the Bluetooth SIG, yeah SM-R600 has been certified now, but there is not much information about the actual device on the Bluetooth SIG website, by the way, earlier rumors about this Samsung gadget  to be pointed out that it will be a Tizen-based wearable from the South Korean consumer electronics giant.

SM-R600 Samsung Wearable Device, SM-R600 Samsung

And if we discuss about the  name of this mysterious device, so it is suggested that this gadget will be marketed as the Samsung Gear Pop, although, so far no official statement came out from the company, and SM-R600 Samsung Wearable Device is not confirmed as it would a fitness tracker along the lines of the Gear Fit and Gear Fit 2, or will be a smartwatch.

There was a rumor about Samsung, that they are originally gonna launch a device with this exact same model number at the 2017 Tizen Developer Conference last May. But, that launch never quite materialized, so now SM-R600 Samsung Wearable Device has received its Bluetooth certification, it will be interesting to see when this device will officially be launched by Samsung.

actually, it will also be quite interesting to see what it is in the first place. In the Portfolio, Samsung has a wide range of Tizen-based wearable devices, so the Gear Pop, or whatever Samsung gonna give to name it, will very likely add to that list. It will also be interesting to see if this device turns out to be the reported upcoming ‘fitness smartwatch‘ from the company.

SM-R600 Samsung Wearable Device, Samsung Bluetooth SIG Certification

Smartwatches and fitness tracker market has not got enough turnover as it should, while Samsung is one those companies, that has somehow grabbed bulk of interested customers with its fitness tracker and Gear range of smartwatches.

While the smartwatch market has been exceptionally lackluster, fitness trackers have actually created a bit more of a buzz among mainstream consumers, although, still they are far away to hold consumers as smartphones market currently have, but whereas Samsung, Apple or any other tech company is able to generate any real interest among consumers with something truly exceptional remains to be seen, but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. By the way, it will be interesting to see how this SM-R600 Samsung Wearable Device shape is in looking wise.