Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3, Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5, Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5 Plus

Unlock All OPPO: Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3, F5, F1 Plus, A37, A39

This is the easiest and latest Nov-2017 method to unlock your OPPO devices, and Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3, F1 Plus, F1, A37fw, as well as A39 device, if you have other device you can ask me method to remove that device pattern lock, i will describe you setting of NCK Dongle Software with loader.


You can easily Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3 without downloading any firmware, just you have to download below software and install in your computer or laptop and follow all given steps carefully to remove pattern lock from OPPO smartphones.

Note: This method successfully tested with “OPP F1 Smartphone”, but this method would also work for OPPO F3, OPPO F5, OPPO F1 Plus, OPPO F1, OPPO A39, and OPPO A37.


Download OPPO Unlock Tools in Computer:




Let’s Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3:

-Once Download finish of both above tools, extract “OPPO USB Driver” and install it.

-Turn off  “Antivirus Software” to run NCK Software.

-Extract “NCK_Android_MTK” and go to its extracted folder.

-Right click on “NCK Mtk Dongle Loader” and then run as administrator.

Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3 by NCK Dongle


-Click on “Service”.

-Select “MT6752(for OPPO  F5/ F3 / F1 Plus / F1 / A39 Devices)


Note: If you have OPPO A37, then select “MT6735“.

NCK Dongle AndroidMTK 2.5, Unlock OPPO Pattern Lock


Switch Off OPPO Device to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3:

-Switch Off OPPO Device.

-Click on “Reboot Phone in SELECT MODE”.

-While pressing both “Volume UP + Volume DOWN” keys together, insert USB Cable (Keep Pressing Until you see Device detected in NCKDongle Software).

Unlock Pattern OPPO F1


-Now you will have same scenario in below image, once device detected and unlocking done.

-Remove USB Cable and wait until you get some “Chinese Options”.

Download NCK Software With Loader

-By pressing volume down key, go to “eMMC“, and then press “Power key” to select “eMMC”.

-Now wait (3-5 minutes) until Oppo device start.

Note: If you’re unable to see “eMMC”, on your OPPO F3, so try this alternate method by click here.

Select eMMC OPPO


Note: If you are unsuccessfully in this method, try to remove password & bypass frp by RB Soft Tool, Click Here

-Tap on “Emergency Call” from welcome screen.

-Type there this code “*#812#“, after that you will be redirected to the Main Home screen of “OPPO”.

OPPO F3 Unlock Pattern

Change OPPO Language from Chinese to Eng:

-Tap on “Settings” icon to go to settings.

-Follow below image to change language.

Change OPPO Language from Chinese to Eng


Congrats!, you have succeeded to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3, OPPO F5, OPPO F1 Plus, OPPO F1, OPPO A39, and OPPO A37 Smartphones.

Note: If you have other model of OPPO, you can ask me method to remove pattern lock in comment box, rest method would be same, only you have to set correct “MT number” in NCKDongle Software.


-Download Unlock Tools, and Install them.

-Open NCK Software as administrator.

-Select correct options in NCK Software as described above.

-Switch Off OPPO device, while pressing “Volume UP + Down” keys together, insert USB Cable.

-Once device detected in “NCK Software”, and you get “All Done” in NCK, just unplug device.

-Select “eMMC” using Volume and Power key.

-Tap on “Emergency Call”, and dial code “*#812#”.

-Change Langue from Chinese to Eng.


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