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ZTE Zmax Pro is a Budget Friendly Smartphone in the world

The Budget Friendly Smartphone ZTE ZMax Pro has a six-inch HD screen with an expandable storage and a fingerprint sensor, USB-C and 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front shooter, 2GB Ram and a processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 617. Many people have been wondering whether ZMax Pro is a budget-friendly phone smartphone in the world. One of the best features of this phone is the material used to cover it on the back is grippable which allows you to have an easy time whenever you are holding it. This feature beats most of the expensive phones that are available in shops which have smooth plastic.

When you have a closer look at right side of this phone, it has power and the volume buttons with a sim tray and a microSD card holder on the left side. The phone has a fingerprint sensor which is located on the back of this device is a convenient spot having to consider how big the smartphone and it would be such a hassle to continually reach down to the bottom side of this screen with the thumb to unlock it. If you are among the people that have big hands, ZMax is a perfect fit for you. For those with big hands, it may be quite a hassle to handle this Budget Friendly Smartphone.


Small Tweaks: 

This ZMax Pro runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the ZTE’s tweaks as well as customization. Part of the customization does include swiping left on the alert so as to disable the notifications from a particular app or even swiping right to ensure that you clear the alert as well. You can long press on lock screen to ensure you unlock the device and instead of having to swipe to either of the sides or up as is usually the case for many of the Android devices.
In addition to the above customizations, ZMax Pro has minimal icons reskinned with cartoon-like flair. There is little bloatware that is installed on ZMax Pro, with a typical T mobile listing of the apps and little else.


Design of Budget Friendly Smartphone ZTE ZMAX PRO:

One of the top notch that sets this phone aside to the others is its size. This is a deal breaker for a majority of the people. It’s a big phone that will push very well into the alphabet category hence it is quite easy to operate. The phone is very wide; two hands may be required so as to operate it efficiently. One hand may prove quite a challenge whenever you are operating it.

Budget Friendly Smartphone

Apart from the size, ZTE Max Pro comes with a fantastic design that does not come with the phones on its range. The matte finish which is very soft at the back combined with the metal bezel is very lovely touches which pushes it goes beyond the context of being a ‘cheaply’ made phone. Most of us never thought that a phone will be this good-looking and well-constructed just because phones that cost less than $100 usually tends to be sub-



With the phone being a six-inch size with a 1080p TFT LCD with a Gorilla Glass 3 that is again something that you cannot think you would get with the price range that is usually sold at. The fact that they have opted to have 1080p resolution proves that they have a statement that they want to make-phones of this category deserves more.


Performance and Hardware:

Given the price range of this device, Snapdragon 617 chip makes it be a perfect sense in being able to power this fantastic affordable device. It has been paired with a 2GB RAM, and it suffices for basic stuff which is not suitable for intensive operations. The hardware is enough to for essential use but not good enough for gaming.
For as low as $99, you will be amazed to know that it has a packing of 32GB of internal storage and the best thing is that you can supplement it with a MicroSD memory card as a slot is available for that. Its delightful of the manufacturers to have adopted this features as it is not common on phones of this price range.

Another thing that you will find very unusual is the fingerprint sensor that is on the back of this phone. It would be expected of such price range phone to have such a feature. Most people who will purchase this phone will feel a bit spoilt in comparison with similar models on this price range. The sensor adds an extra layer of security which ensures you stay protected. The sensor has other uses apart from ensuring security for the phone which does include opening an app, taking a photo or even answering a phone call.



In our own opinion, one of the underrated features of this Budget Friendly Smartphone ZMax Pro is the battery, modest 3500 mAh, to be exact. Considering the large size the phone has, you will think that it could have been of bigger size, but this shouldn’t blind you! It is paired with a screen resolution, 1080p and a Snapdragon 617 processor. It can deliver longevity, and you can get two days off a battery without additional charging. Also, the charging process is very fast as it takes 125 minutes to get it fully charged.

Budget Friendly Smartphone ZTE ZMAX PRO



The best Budget Friendly Smartphone ZTE Zmax Pro relies heavily on a combination of a 13MP thirteen Megapixel rear camera as well as a 5MP front saving camera. The camera is suitable for use when there is too much light which is ample and convenient for better and high-quality pictures. The HDR mode appears to boost the contrast with the shadows making the images to seem a bit overblown.



The Budget Friendly Smartphone is running on Android 6.-1 Marshmallow that has a general look and a feel of the stock android. Anyone who is having an android phone for the first time will have a very easy time. This software has features such as search assistant Now on Tap.


Bundget Friendly Smartphone Price:

You can easily buy brand new ZTE ZMAX Pro Z981 from Amazon Store.

• 13 MP autofocus camera with LED flash

• 1.5 GHz octa-core

• 2 GB RAM/32 GB ROM

• microSD up to 

• AMAZON Price: $224 / eBay Price: $130


Budget Friendly Smartphone ZMax Pro has proved that a phone does not need to be very expensive in order to have quality features that will make it stand out. The phone has been well made with a clear concentration on the details of this phone. The above features make it a better choice to purchase.