bypass frp Huawei Honor 9N

Bypass frp Honor 9N Android 8.X.X without PC and Talkback

You can Bypass frp Honor 9N easily with this process, this Huawei honor 9N model has latest talkback version, that is why there is no help & feedback option, so that is why we mentioned that this method will work with android 8.x.x version, firstly we will connect wifi, and after that we will get access into sign in screen, from there we can bypass screen with HUAWEI ID, and this ID can easily be create free.

Warning: This frp process is only for Device Owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Begin to Bypass frp Honor 9N Android 8:

-Turn on phone & you will have 1st screen of “Select Language”.

-Tap to > Next > SKIP > AGREE > AGREE > AGREE > Later > Next.

-Connect WiFi & tap to “Next”.

-Now you will have “Verify your Account” screen, just tap on “Back” arrow to go back, and there you will have “Google Service” screen.

Bypass frp Honor 9N Android 8


-Tap to > More > More > Accept > Setup as new.

-Sign in with HUAWE ID, if you don’t have, you can create by tapping on “Register” or you can also create from your PC.

login with Huawei ID to Bypass frp Honor 9N Android 8


-After entering email and password, tap on > Login > Agree > Skip > OK > Enable Cloud > Agree > Next > Skip.

-There you will have a hyper link of “Essential Apps User Agreement”, just tap on that.

access to youtube on frp locked huawei


-You will “Missing PDF file” text on top left corner of the screen.

-Just long tap any where on the screen, and “Missing” text will be selected automatically.

-After that, you will be shown some options on the top, just tap on “Share” option among them.

-Tap on “Notepad” icon from bottom popup window.

tap to notepad icon to type url honor 9N


-Delete “Missing” text from there, and type complete url there ““.

-After that, tap on “Check mark” icon from top right corner.

-Now the youtube url will convert to a hyper link, just tap on that, and then tap to “OPEN” from popup window.

type url


-From update screen, tap on “Not Now”.

-Play any video from there, and you will have “Share” option bottom of the video, just tap on that “Share” option.

-Tap on “Gmail icon”.

Long Tap Gmail icon to Bypass Google Account LG Aristo MS210


-Tap to > Skip > Add an email address > Outlook, Hotmail and live > Sign in with your Microsoft ID.

Note: If you don’t have Microsoft ID, you can create a Microsoft Account in free.

Add New Outlook account to remove frp LG Aristo MS210


-Tap on > No Thanks > Next > Next > Take me to Gmail >

-Now tap “3 dots” from top right corner, and select “Settings” option.

-Now Tap on “General Settings”, and then tap again on “3 dots”, and then select “Manage Accounts”.

-Open with “Accounts”.

-Go to > Security & Privacy > More  > Device Administrators > Find my device > Deactivate.

-Go back to “Accounts” by tapping twice time on “Back Arrow” from top left.


Add Fingerprint:

-Tap to > Security & Privacy > Fingerprint ID > Fingerprint Management.

-Setup any 6 digits password there, such as “123456“.

-Now tap on “New Fingerprint”.

-Setup your Enroll your Fingerprint, and after enrolling fingerprint, just tap on “OK”.

-Again tap on “New Fingerprint, and enroll your new fingerprint there as well, and then tap on “OK”.

-Now we have successfully enrolled our fingerprint to Bypass frp Honor 9N.

-Go back to “Settings” by tapping on back arrow multiple times.

-Go to > Systems > Reset > Reset all settings > Reset all settings.

reset settings to bypass frp huawei honor 9N


-You will be asked to enter PIN, just give there already setup 6 digits pin code.


Restart Phone before Reset Settings Completely:

Read Carefully: Now we have to follow below 2 steps at the same time, you will be shown reset all settings button, right after clicking on that button, you have to quickly long press “Power button” as well, and then select “Restart” option as soon as possible,.

Because we will not let our phone to reset settings completely, that is why we have to restart our phone before it completes reset settings, otherwise your phone setting will reset and will be locked again with frp. So make sure, you do restart phone right after hitting on “Reset all settings” option as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Tap on “Reset All Settings”.

Step 2: Quickly long press “Power button”, and then quickly tap on “Restart” option without wasting a second, and restart your phone. Don’t let your phone to reset settings.

Restart huawei honor 9N before reset process complete

-After restart finish, your phone will turn on complete in normal mode, and you will not be asked to complete initial setup or to enter previously synced Gmail account, because you are all done to Bypass frp Honor 9N.


Enable Developer Options.

-We are going to enable developer option, because we are going to reset settings completely.

-Go to phone Settings, and the and tap on “Systems”, and then tap on “About Phone”

-Tap 7 time quickly on “Build Number”, once you see “You are now a developer” popup message, just go back to “Settings”.

-Go back to “System”.

-From there, just tap on “Developer Options”, and then enable “OEM Unlocking”, and also enable “USB Debugging” options.

-Go back to “System”, and from there tap on > Reset > All Settings > Reset phone > reset phone > give your 6 digits pin to have started reset process.

-Now your phone will restart, and then you need to complete initial setup wizard.

-The frp has been bypassed completely, and you will not be asked to enter Gmail account even if you hard reset your phone in future, because we have completely Bypass frp Honor 9N.


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