Bypass frp honor 20 emui 10 android 10 without pc

How to Bypass FRP Honor 20 – Remove Google Account Without PC

This method will allow you to easily Bypass FRP Honor 20 without PC, just enter your device into recovery mode, and from there clear data, and afterwards, you can access to chrome browser to install and bypass frp from your honor 20 smartphone, to do this follow steps now.

This method will work smoothly on Honor 20 (EMUI 10, Android 10), and this method is only for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Lets Begin to Bypass FRP Honor 20:

-Firstly, turn off honor 20 device.

-Secondly, hold & press both (Volume up + Power key).

-Release only (Power Key) once you see “Honor” logo on screen.

-Once you enter into recovery mode (EMUI) screen, release also “Power Key”.

-Go to > Clear Data > Factory Reset > Type “Yes” > Factory Reset > Factory Reset.

-Wait till this process finished.

Bypass Google FRP All HUAWEI EMUI 10.0.0


-Tap on > Back > Update Mode > eRecovery Mode > Emergency Backup > Continue.

emergency backup huawei emui 10.0.0 frp bypass


-You will have Emergency Backup screen, just tap on “Back UP”.

-Hit on a hyper link “HERE“. just tap on that (See Below Image).

access to browser from emergency backup huawei emui 10.0.0 frp


-Tap to “Accept & Continue”, and after that tap “No Thanks”.

-Tp to “3 dots” from top right corner, and then tap on “Settings”.

3 dots to get into settings huawei frp y9s


-Go to > Notifications > Chrome icon > Permission.

go to chrome browser permission to bypass frp huawei y9s android 10


-Tap to > Location > See all apps with this permission > Google.

access to google app for bypass frp huawei y9 prime android 10


-Hit on > See all google permissions > Google icon.

tap on google app icon


-Go to > Notifications > More Settings.

get into google app more settings for bypass frp huawei y9s android 10 without pc


-There is “Search icon” on top right corner, just tap on that, and type “Offline”, and then tap on “Always retry offline searches”.


-Go down and tap on “Manage Pending Searches” & hit on “Search” from the center of bottom menu.

-Search “Settings”, and then tap on “Turn on wifi and select a network”.

-Turn on “WiFi”, and connect wifi in your honor 20 device.

Turn on wifi first to Bypass frp HONOR 8X


-Go back by tapping at “back arrow” from top right corner & hit on “Search icon”.

search settings in huawei honor 8x


-Type “Settings”, and go to “Settings gear icon”.

Note: If you don’t see settings gear icon, you can also see that by tapping on “Personal”, and then hit on “Settings gear icon”.

Go to personal for settings to bypass frp huawei p10 lite android 10

Add New PIN in Honor 20:

-Go to > Biometrics & Password > Lock Screen Password > Setup New PIN.

setup pin code in Huawei android 10


Note: From the “Add Fingerprint” dialog box, just tap on “Cancel”, and tap to “Back Arrow” from top left corner.

-Hit on > Accounts > Add an account > Google.

add new google account to Bypass frp HONOR 8X


-Set new PIN to bypass frp honor 20 & Afterwards, Sign-in using your any new Gmail Account.

enter you pin code to Bypass frp HONOR 8X


Reset All Settings:

-Hit on back arrow multiple times to go back to “Phone Settings”.

-Now you need to go to > System & Update > Reset > Reset all settings > Reset all settings.

-Type already added PIN code there.

-Tap on “Restart” option from emergency backup screen, and you will have to wait for several minutes on “HONOR LOGO”, Afterwards, finish your initial setup wizard.

Note: You really don’t need to connect “WiFi” from the wifi screen, you can skip that option for now and connect wifi later on after completing setup wizard.


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