Bypass frp any Qmobile Android 8 without APP

How to Bypass FRP Any Qmobile Android 8 Without FRP Apps

There, you can apply talkback frp method to Bypass FRP Any Qmobile Android 8.1, in this case, we will enable talkback, and then we will reach to youtube, from there we will access to device settings through shortcut way, and we will setup new pattern lock, that it, you are not required any frp removal app for this process.

Warning: Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed.

Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Any Qmobile Android 8:

Step 1. Connect WiFi network to Qmobile device before starting the process.

Step 2. Go back to first (Welcome) homepage, and tap to > Vision Settings > Talkback > Turn on talkback from there.

Micromax Q402+ Bypass FRP


Step 3. Draw “L” by swiping down to right, and then double tap on “Talkback Settings”..

Step 4: Swipe down, and tap on > Talkback Tutorial > Turn Talkback Off.


Step 5: Swipe down, and tap on > Help & Feedback > Play Video > Tap on “Video Title”.

help and feedback youtube to bypass frp any qmobile android 8


Step 6: Search in top search box “Download top Samsung frp tools“, and visit our website searched result same as shown in below screen shot.

Step 7: Now swipe down, and tap on “OPEN SAMSUNG SETTINGS” link.

Step 8:
After accessing to Qmobile settings, just go down and tap to > Security & Location.

go to security and location to bypass frp any qmobile android 8

Step 9: Afterwards, tap to > Screen Lock > Pattern.

setup pattern lock from screen lock option


Step 10: Draw your any new pattern lock twice time, and then tap to “Confirm”.

setup pattern successfully to bypass frp any qmobile android 8


Step 11: Now get back to first (Welcome) homepage, complete initial setup, while completing initial setup, you will, from (Copy Apps & Data) screen, just tap to “Setup As New“, and then draw your already setup pattern lock there to verify.

Final Step: From google sign in screen, just hit on > SKIP > SKIP, now you are all finish from bypass frp Any Qmobile Android 8.