bypass frp Nokia 2

Bypass frp Nokia 2 without PC by Talkback Method [Do try!]

These days people are facing FRP issue on their own Nokia 2 device, and this is making big trouble to get their own device without gmail account, but with the help of below method, you can Bypass frp Nokia 2 without PC, you can skip below some informative paragraph and start method shortly, and if you want to know about advantages of frp feature, then you can continue reading.

FRP Protection is very useful feature for all us, if your Nokia 2 phone is lost or stolen, then in this condition your frp lock feature will work, as most of the people apply pattern lock or pin lock on their phone, and when stranger would want to access your phone, then precisely, he will have to format or hard reset your device to unlock pattern lock or pin lock code.

He could easily boot-up your device, but good thing is that, because of frp lock feature, he will not be able to get access into your phone until he login with your gmail account. But problem starts when we forget our own gmail account, and we soft reset or hard reset our device because of some reason, then in this condition, we have to go to Bypass frp Nokia 2.

Warning: This method is only for device owner.


Let’s Start to Bypass frp Nokia 2:

-Turn on phone and connect WiFi first.

-Get back to first (Welcome) screen.

-Tap on > Vision Settings > Talkback > Turn on talkback feature.

-Tap to “OK” from popup window.

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-From talkback tutorial screen, draw “L” by swiping down to right, and then double tap on “Talkback Settings”.


-Long press both (Volume UP + Down) keys, after that, you will have popup window of “Suspend Talkback?”, just double tap on “OK”.

-Scroll down, and tap on “Help & Feedback”.


Access to Youtube & Chrome Browser:

-To Bypass frp Nokia 2, we have to access to chrome browser, for that, first we will go to youtube, and from there, we could easily get access into chrome browser to download Nokia frp tools.

-Tap on “Search icon”, and type there “Mo”, and then from searched result, just tap on “Use Morse code”.

-After that, you will be shown youtube video, just tap on “Play icon” from the video, and wait until you have youtube video title there.

-Tap on the appeared title, and you will be redirected to the youtube website shortly.


-Drag down the youtube video, and tap on “Profile icon or 3 dots” from top right corner, and then tap on “Settings”.

-Now go to > History & Privacy > Youtube Terms of Services > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Download Nokia 2 frp Tools:

-Type in search box “Download frp tools“.

-Visit 1st searched result of our website.


-Download below 2 applications from there.

1/ Apex Launcher.

2/ Google Play Services.

-Now we have to go to download folder, for that, go top of the page, and tap “3 dots” from top right corner of the browser, and tap on “Downloads” option.


-Let’s Install frp tools to Bypass frp Nokia 2.

-Tap on “Apex Launcher”, and then tap on “Settings” from popup window, now enable “Unknown Sources” option, and then tap on “OK”.

-Tap on back arrow, and after that tap on > Apex Launcher > Open.

-We have reached into our phone menu, but still few steps ahead to completely bypass google account frp from Nokia 2.

-Tap on “MENU”, and then tap on “Settings” gear icon.

-Scroll down, and tap on “Security” option.

-Tap on > Device administrator > Find my device > deactivate the device administrator, after deactivating the device administrator successfully, now we are going to disable google play services app as well in order install new app.


-Go back to “Settings”, and then tap on “Apps”.

-Tap > Google Play Services > Disable > Disable App.


-Go back to phone MENU, and open “Chrome Browser”, and then tap “3 dots” from top right corner, and tap “Downloads”, there you can see your google play service app, so we have to install this app in order to bypass frp successfully, after installing this app, we can easily add our new gmail account, and after that we will enable this app back.

-Tap > Google Play Service > Next > Install > Done.


Add an Account to Bypass Google Account frp:

-Go back to phone menu.

-Tap on “Settings”, and then tap on “Accounts”, after that tap on “Add account”, and then select “Google”.

add new google account to bypass frp nokia 2


-Wait few seconds, after that you will have your google sign in screen, where we can add new gmail account to Bypass frp Nokia 2.

-Sign with new gmail account, and do not forget this account, otherwise you will have frp lock again.

-After signing in complete and successfully, tap on back arrow several times to get back to your phone menu.

-Go to your phone “Settings”, and then tap on “Apps”, and then tap on “All Apps”, and select “Disabled”, now you will be shown your disabled google play service app there.

-Tap on “Google Play Services”, and then tap on “Enable” button.

-Go back to “Settings”, and then go to > Security > Device Administrator > Find My device > Activate this device administrator.

-Go back to your phone menu, there you will be able to installed “Google Play Service” app icon, just long tap on that icon, and then tap to “Uninstall”.

-Now restart your Nokia 2 device, and complete initial setup, this time you won’t be asked to enter previously synced gmail account.

Note: Before starting, do disable “Talkback feature”, for that, you can go to “Vision Settings” from welcome screen, and then tap on “Talkback”, and then turn off option from there.


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