Enable adb mode on samsung frp locked devices to bypass frp

How to Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung to Bypass frp

You don’t know how to Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung Galaxy Devices, and you are getting message This Device Was Reset, to Continue, Sing in with a Google account, that was previously synced on this device, if you’ve forgotten your gmail account, and by mistake you’ve hard reset or soft reset your device, then surely you need previously synced Gmail account to unlock this device. If you don’t know what is your gmail ID and you wan’t Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung Galaxy phone, so follow this method.

If you wanna search frp bypass method by matching your device model no and android version, so you can find out your device Samsung Model Number by click here.

Note: This Method has successfully been tested with “Samsung Galaxy On Max, Pixel 2xl Oreo, J5 Prime “, but this method would also work for all Samsung Galaxy Devices, except “Android 5 Version Devices“.

Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung Galaxy:

-First of All, Connect “Wi-Fi” in your Samsung Galaxy Device.

-Go back to very first “Welcome” screen.

-Press 3 times quickly the “HOME BUTTON” to enable “Talkback feature”.

-If your device does not have “HOME BUTTON”, then “Long Tap with Two Fingers” until talkback enabled.

-After that you will see a “Talkback Tutorial” screen.

-Draw “L” on your screen by Swipe Down to Right to bring “global context menu” screen.

-Double tap on “Talkback Settings”.

Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung


-Now again draw “L”, and then double tap on “Pause Feedback” to suspend talkback”.

-Now double tap on “OK” to successfully suspend talkback.

-Tap on “Help & Feedback”.

Talkback Help & Feedback to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy


-Tap on “Search icon”, and type in search bar “Voice”, and then tap on “Voice” from result.

-Now tap on “Get Start with Voice Access” to Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung Galaxy.

Remove FRP Protectio Samsung Galaxy


-Tap on Youtube Video play icon.

-Now tap on “Share Arrow” & after that tap on “3 Dots”.

-You’ve accessed to “YOUTUBE WEBSITE” & Now you can easily access “Google” to Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung.

Access YouTube in FRP Locked Samsung Device


-Tap on YouTube Video and drag it down.

-After that, tap on “3 Dots” from top right corner, and select “Terms & Privacy Policy”.

-This will open “Google Chrome” or “Internet Browser” in your FRP Lock Samsung galaxy device.

Bypass Google FRP


Download Quick Shortcut Maker:

-Type in google search bar “Download Quick Shortcut Maker Techeligible“.

-Open “Bypass FRP Applications and Files…” link from search result.

-Now download from there “Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0“.

-Once downloading finish, you will see popup bottom of your screen, just tap on “OPEN”.

Note: If you are in “Internet Browser”, then tap on “Bookmark > History > Download History“.

Download Quick Shortcut Maker


-Now you have accessed to “Download Folder”, where you can see your downloaded apk file “Quick Shortcut Maker”.

-Tap on that to install “Quick Shortcut Maker” to Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung.

-You’ll get a popup of “Installation Blocked”, simple tap on “Settings”, and enable “Unknown Sources” from there.

-Now tap on “Install”, and then tap on “Open” to go to quick shortcut maker.


install quick shortcut maker to unlock galaxy frp


-Type in search bar “Calculator”.

-Tap on “Calculator” to open it.

-After that, tap on “TRY”.

-Now “Calculator” will open.

open calculator to Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung

Type Code in Calculator:

-By typing below code, we can easily Enable ADB Mode.

-Type in Calculator ” (+30012012732+ 

-Now DRParser Mode will open, type there ” *#0808# 

-USB Setting will open, tap on “DM + ACM + ADB“, after that tap on “Reboot

-After rebooting finish, you will have “Welcome!” screen.

Note: If you have Latest Galaxy S8+ or Galaxy S8 Android 8.0, and unable to bypass frp lock through this method, then click here


type code to Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung


-After restart finish, you will get a popup of “Talkback”.

-Press & Hole (Volume UP + Volume Down) keys together for 1-2 sec.

-After that you will have popup of “Suspend Talkback”, just double tap on “OK”.

-Now you are on “Welcome Screen”, and you have successfully enabled “ADB Mode”.


Download FRP Tool Your Computer:


⇒ FRP HelperV0.2 [DOWNLOAD]

-Turn off antivirus software for few minutes until you finish this process.

-Install “Samsung USB” driver.

-Extract frp helper from archive.

-Make sure, you’ve turned antivirus.

-Right click on “Samsung FRP Helper V0.2”, and run as administrator.


Connect Device to Computer to Bypass Google FRP:

-Make sure, your device is on.

-Connect Samsung Galaxy device to computer via micro USB cable to Bypass Google FRP Samsung Galaxy.

-Now go to “Samsung FRP Helper Software“.

-Click on “Scan” button, and you will get your device com port.

Note: After clicking on “Scan” you will see a message of “USB DEBUGGING” in your phone, just click on “OK”.

FRP Bypass Samsung FRP Helper


-Click on “ADB MODE“, After that click on “REMOVE FRP” button.

-If you see “NO DEVICE FOUND”, no problem by clicking 6-7 times on “Remove FRP” button, software will detect your device and will start to remove Device Was Reset issue.

Warning!: Use good micro usb cable, so that computer and software could detect your device easily, if software did not detect the device, you cant remove frp lock.

Samsung FRP Helper


-Once you see message of “FRP DONE”, then disconnect your device.

-After that, wait until it auto start.

-Now restart your device using “Power Key”.

-Complete initial setup to access your home screen.

Note: After you finish to Enable ADB Mode on Frp Locked Samsung and Bypass frp, deleteSamsung FRP Helper V0.2file, and active antivirus software.


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