Bypass FRP Nokia 1, Bypass Google Account Nokia 1

How to Bypass FRP Nokia 1 Android 8.1 With Latest Method 2018

Have you got frp lock?, mostly people get their device lock because of gmail account, they just forget google account , and then unable to access device home screen, so let’s Bypass FRP Nokia 1 device with the help of most latest method 2018, in this method we will change Nokia device language to “URDU”, and then we will access to Chrome browser to Bypass FRP Nokia 1 with the help of FRP Bypass tools, just follow below steps carefully. This method successfully been applied on Nokia 1 Android 8.1 GO edition TA 10-47.

Warning: This method is only for Device Owner.


Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Nokia 1:

-Connect “Wi-Fi” to your device first.

-Go back to very first “Welcome Screen”.

-Change Language to “URDU” (See below image).

Bypass FRP Nokia 1, Bypass Google Account Nokia 1


-Now Follow below image, because language has been changed to URDU, that is why,  we did not find any easiest method to make you understand except with the help of images, just follow below images to Bypass FRP Nokia 1.

-Tap on “Blue Button”, and then tap on bottom right corner, after that tap on “Last Option”, that appearing with mobile icon.

Bypass FRP Nokia 1 Android 8.1


-Tap on “Back Key”, then tap on last option “WIFI”, and then tap on “+” option to add network.


-Now long tap on “World icon” to bring keyboard popup, if the popup does not appear, then try by long tap on “Smile icon”, one of them will popup for you a keyboard.

-Now from popup window, tap on very last option, as shown in 2nd no image.

-After that, tap on “Last Blue Button”.


-Tap on “First Option” as shown in below 1st image.

-After that, tap on “3 Dots” from top left corner, and select “2nd option” from there.


-Now tap on “Search icon” top bar, this would open up a “Google Keyboard” for you.

-Long tap on “World icon”, and then select “Qwerty” from the popup window.

bypass google account all nokia devices


-Now type there in search box “APP INFO”, and then tap on “green arrow” from your keyboard bottom right corner to search it.

-Select “Delete or Disable Apps on Android”.

-Perfect. now we have successfully accessed to “Chrome Browser” to Bypass FRP Nokia 1.

-Tap on “Accept & Continue”, and then tap on “No Thanks”.

-After that, tap on “Search bar”, and type there “Download FRP Tools“.

-Select first search result same as shown in below image.


Download Tools to Bypass FRP Nokia 1:

-Go down, and download “Apex Launcher 3.3.3” app from there.

-Once downloading finish, you will bottom popup, just tap on “OPEN” from that.

-Now you will get some popups, just select “Right Option” from that popup.

-After that, enable one option from there, see below image.


-Now tap on “Back Key”.

-Select right option to install APEX LAUNCHER.

-Once the installation finish, just tap on “Right Option” again to launch Apex Launcher.

-Perfect, now we have successfully accessed to Nokia 1 Home Screen, but still we need to Bypass FRP Nokia 1 Android 8.1


Change Language From URDU TO ENG:

-Go to MENU > SETTINGS, now go down and select very last option,

Access to Settings Nokia Device


-Tap on “First Option”, and then select “+” option to change language, now select “ENGLISH” language.

change language to ENGLISH in Android Device


-After that, select “United States”, and then drag the ENGLISH language at the top, now this ENG language will be your device primary language.

-Now we need to download & install google account manager to Bypass FRP Nokia 1.


Download Google Account Manager 8.1:

-Go to “Chrome Browser”.

-Type in search bar “Download Google Account Manager Techeligible“.

-Go to first search result as shown in below image.

-Now download from there “Google Account Manager 8.1“.


-Once downloading finish, you will get popup bottom of the browser, just tap on “OPEN”.

-Now Install Google Account Manager in your Nokia 1 to successfully Bypass FRP Nokia 1.


Final STEP To Bypass FRP Nokia 1:

-Now again open “Chrome Browser”.

-Type in search box “Download FRP Tools”

-Go first search result.

-Go down & Download from there “Account Login” app.

-Once downloading finish, tap on “OPEN” from popup, and install this app.

-Once installation finish, just tap on “OPEN” to launch this application.

-You will be redirected to the “Retype Password” screen, now we can easily Bypass FRP Nokia 1.

-Tap on “3 dots” from top right corner, and select “Browser Sign-in”.

-You will have sign in screen, just login there with your any active and valid Gmail Account to bypass google account.

-Once you logged in successfully, now you have removed Nokia 1 FRP.



♦ Connect Wifi

♦ Change Language to URDU & Access to Chrome Browser

♦ Download “Apex Launcher” & Install it, and then Launch it

♦ Download “Google Account Manager 8.1“, and install it.

♦ Download “Account Login” apk app, and install & open it.

♦ Sign with your any active Gmail Account to Bypass FRP Nokia 1.

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