Bypass frp Samsung Galaxy A70

How to Bypass frp Samsung Galaxy A70 – Latest FRP Process

Choose your any method from below according to your device android version, if you don’t aware of your phone android version, you can check that easily by putting your phone into android recovery mode, because one you know what is your phone android version, that will be easy for you to bypass frp Samsung Galaxy A70.

Well, you can also try both method, even if you don’t know your device version, no problem, these frp process won’t harm your device.


Method 1: Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A70 (Android 11)

Method 2: Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A70 (Android 10)

Note: These frp methods are only for device owner and for educational purpose only, so try these only on your own device.


Method 1: Bypass FRP Galaxy A70 Android 11 (New Method).

This method has been applied on a latest Samsung A70 security patch level phone (Android 11), and this will work for you as well, you can try and give us comment below of this post. Thank You


Required Tools & Installation in PC:

1st Latest Samsung USB Driver [Download]

2nd Easy Samsung FRP Tools [Download]

3rd Other Smartphone

4th OTG.

Note: Above 2 tools (Driver + Samsung FRP Tools) will be used for PC.

-Install (Samsung USB Driver) in your PC, this will help you to connect phone easily with PC, so that you can easily perform task of bypass frp Galaxy A70 Android 11.

-Install (Easy Samsung FRP Tools) in PC as well, for this, you just have to extract this tool from winrar archive, and then you install and open this tool, because this tool will send a popup message in your connected Galaxy A70 phone, and then you will be able to access chrome/youtube.


Lets Perform FRP Bypass Task:

-Turn on Samsung A70 & connect WiFi.

-Connect device with computer.

-From PC, click to > Bypass FRP > OK.


-You have to tap on “View” from Galaxy A70 phone, this will show you chrome window, so go to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


-Search there “Download Samsung FRP Tools“, and go to our website searched result. (For help, see below image).


-Scroll down and tap on “Open Samsung Settings” to be redirected in Samsung A70 Settings.

access samsung settings frp frp tools page


Install & Use Smart Switch Apps:

-Go to > Accounts & Backup > Bring Data from old device > Download.

-Wait till downloading process done, afterwards, from (Welcome to Smart Switch) screen, hit on > AGREE.


-Go to > Agree > Allow > Receive Data > Cable.


Use Other SmartPhone:

-Install & Open (Smart Switch) App in other phone through google play store, to do this, just Open “Galaxy Store”, download & open “Smart Switch” app from there.

-Tap on > Send Data > Cable.


Transfer Gmail Account By OTG:

-Use OTG to transfer and receiving data, OTG should be connect to your “Galaxy A70” device, and normal usb end will be inserted to other Samsung Phone.

-Hit “Allow” on both smartphones.


Select Data to Transfer:

-Check mark only (Accounts) & (Settings) from the list, and hit on “Transfer”.


-Tap on “COPY” from other Smartphone.

-You will be asked for verify identity in your other android phone, after that this will start transferring its (Account & Settings) to the Samsung frp locked device for bypass frp Samsung Galaxy Android 11.

-Once the transferring process finish, just tap on “GO TO THE HOMESCREEN” button from Galaxy A70.

-You have transferred Gmail ID to Galaxy A70 from your other smartphone, so that your both smartphones have been signed in with same Gmail Account.

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Method 2: Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A70 (Android 10)

Best way to Bypass frp Samsung Galaxy A70 Android 10 easily, only you have to follow 1st steps very carefully, once you access to your device Settings, after that you can easily bypass google account Galaxy A70, You need only 1 Pin locked Sim card. This method is only for Device Owner.


Let’s Start to Bypass frp:

-First of all connect Wi-Fi in your Galaxy A70 device.

-Go back to very first “Let’s Go!” screen.

-You need “Pin Locked SIM Card”, if you don’t have any pin locked sim card, you can use your own active SIM Card, just set PIN Lock using your any other android device.

-Now we have to apply below 3 steps very quickly.

1st Step: Insert Pin Locked SIM Card.
2nd Step: Quickly Tap on “OK” from the popup window.
3rd Step: Quickly Tap on “Lock icon“, after that very quickly tap on “Setting gear icon” from top right corner of the top bar.

Note: If you are unsuccessful to access settings, just repeat all above 3 steps again, because the top bar disappear very quickly, if you are unsuccessful at 1st try, just get back to “Let’s Go” screen, and then re-insert sim card and then apply other 2 steps very quickly.

If you are getting fail in your 3-4 tries, just restart your device, try again. This will work, only you have to understand the perfect timing of tapping on “Lock icon” and “Setting gear icon”.

-We do not have to access “Settings”, we are just tapping on “Settings gear icon” to somehow stick the top bar menu.

-Once you successfully tap on “Settings gear icon”, your top bar will stick on the screen and it will not disappear and after that we can easily Bypass frp Samsung Galaxy A70.

-Now just tap on “Notification Settings” from the top bar menu.

-Tap on > See All > Most Recent > All > Youtube.

Access to Youtube to remove frp Galaxy A20

-Go down and then tap on “in-app notification settings”

-After that tap on “History & Privacy”, and then tap on “Youtube Terms of Service”.

-From the chrome window, just tap on > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Download FRP Tools:

-Type in address bar “Download top Samsung frp tools“.

-Visit 1st search result same shown in below image.


-Download from there below 2 applications to Bypass frp Samsung Galaxy A70.

1-Google Account Manager 8.
2-Account Login.

-Wait few minutes until downloading finish.

-Go to top and then tap on “3 dots” from top right corner of your browser.

-Tap on “Downloads”.


-There you will be able to see both downloaded frp applications.

-Tap on “Google Account Manager”, after that you will see chrome popup window.

-From the popup window, just hit on “Settings”, and then enable option of “Allow from this sources”.

-Go back to download folder by tapping on “Back Arrow”.

-Tap on > Google Account Manager > Install > Done.


-Tap on > Account Login > Install > Open.

-Perfect, now you will see “Retype Password” screen.

-Tap on “3 dots” from top right corner & select “Browser Sign-in”.


-Perfect, now you will see browser sign in screen.

-Sign in there using your valid Gmail account to Bypass frp Samsung Galaxy A70.

-Once you signed in successfully, just restart your device by long press “Power Key” and then hit on “Restart” option.

-After that, complete initial setup to access your device normally, and this time you will not face any frp locking issue.


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