how to remove frp verification OPPO A17k

Remove FRP Verification OPPO A17k, Fix Phone Clone App Issue

That is very easy way to remove FRP verification OPPO A17k without using any PC, we would require any other android device to accomplish this process, because, we will use a (Clone Phone) app, through this app, the Gmail account can easily be transferred from one android device to the OPPO A17k device.

Note: This method is just for device owner and for educational Purpose only.


Let’s Start to Remove FRP Verification OPPO A17k:

-Start this OPPO frp bypass method by turning on device, and connect WiFI.

-Go back to first “Hello” screen, turn on talkback by long hold both (Volume UP + Down) buttons, and then tap on “Turn on” option from popup.

turn on talkback by long press both buttons to bypass frp

-Long hold again both (Volume UP + Down) buttons, this will display you a talkback screen.

-Make a reverse “L” shape on screen by swipe right and then swipe up same as shown in below image.

long press both volume up down buttons

-Double hit over “while using the app”, now double tap on anywhere on screen.

-Double hit over “Use Command Voice” option, and double tap on popup box.

go to use voice command to bypass frp Samsung Android 11


-Speak loudly “Google Assistant”.

-Turn on talkback by long hold again both (Volume UP + Down) buttons.

-Double tap to “Keyboard icon” from try saying popup.

tap to keyboard icon from try saying pop to bypass frp Galaxy Android 11

-Search and open “Youtube” website.

Go to youtube to Remove FRP SAMSUNG F22


-Tap on “Profile icon” from top corner, and go to > Settings > History & Privacy > Google Privacy Policy.


-From chrome window, tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Access Settings in OPPO 17K:

-Search in browser “Download FRP Tools“. and visit our frp tools page result.

-Go down, and tap to “Access Device Settings” option, this will lead you to your device settings directly.

Access device settings from download frp tools page


-Go to > Home screen & Lock Screen > Home Screen Layout, after that, you will redirected inside your device home screen.

go to home screen in oppo settings to remove frp

-Open “Clone Phone” app from your device, and then give some permission by tapping over “Agree & Continue”.

-From popup window, tap over “Settings”, and then turn on option of “Allow system settings modification”.

allow apps permission from popup to remove frp verification OPPO A17k

-Go back, and tap again on “Settings” from popup, and then turn on option of  “Allow access to manage all files”.

-Tap on “Back” from bottom.

-Now hit on “This is the new device”, and then turn on again “Allow access to manage all files”.

-Hit again on “This is the new device”, and then tap on “Oppo, Realme, or Oneplus”.

select this is the new device for remove frp verification

-You will be shown a QR Code on your screen, we have to scan this code with any other oppo, realme or oneplus device.


Install Oppo Clone App & Scan QR Code (With Other Android Device):

-You do require any other android device, and open “Google Play Store” app.

-Go to any other android device, open “Google Play Store”.

-Search and install and open “Oppo Clone Phone” app.

Note: If you are unable to find this same (Oppo Clone Phone) app, then you will able to get this app in any other (Xiaomi) device play store.

install oppo clone phone app to remove frp realme C55


-After hitting on “Open”, you may face a popup, just tap to “Agree & Continue”, after that, tap on “Settings” from popup.

-Turn on “Clone Phone” app from app list, after that, hit on “Back” arrow from bottom.

enable clone phone app to remove frp verification oppo A17k

-If you face same popup window again, just tap again on > Settings > Turn on “Clone Phone” app.

Note: You may have to do this for 3-4 times to successfully turn on this app, and go for next setp.

-After that, Hit over “Start Migration” button from app, this will show you a scanning QR code screen.

Note: You may have to tap on “While using the app” from popup, and may have to tap on “Allow” several times for giving permissions to this app to work properly.

scan QR code with oppo phone clone app to bypass frp realme C55


-Let’s scan QR Code, that we have in our OPPO A17K device for Remove FRP Verification OPPO A17K.

-After scanning the code, both devices will be connected to each other, and then we will be able to transfer Gmail account from other android device to our FRP locked OPPO A17k device easily.

-Tap over “Ok” option.

both devices connected


-From other device, De-select all options, and then tap over “Apps (excluding data)”.

exclude all apps except one app to Bypass FRP Realme C55


-Select any one app inside (App), in our case, we are selecting “4K Wallpapers” app from there, and then tap over “Check mark” icon from top right corner (See below image).

-Hit on a button “Start Migration”.

TAP on Start migration after selecing one app


-This will take time to be finished, once its done, just tap over “Done” from migration complete screen.

-Select > Gesture > Next > Next > Skip > Done > Get Started.

-Congrats on reaching inside the device home screen, because you are all done now from Remove FRP Verification OPPO A17K, don’t forget to setup your new Pattern or PIN, and you can also setup new google account now, this phone has a google account signed in already., the same account, that is in your other xiaomi or android device.


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