BYPASS FRP Tecno Camon 30

Bypass FRP Tecno Camon 30 Android 14 Without Xshare App

If you are stuck on a google sign in page, and unable to recover Gmail account and bypass google verification screen. You should follow up this method to Bypass FRP Tecno Camon 30 Android 14. We will access to this device main settings page, after that, with the help of another android device, we will transfer 2 frp apk apps to this phone. Afterwards, you can easily setup new google account without any hassle.

Note: We highly recommend you to apply this method only on your own device, if you are not owner of this Tecno Spark 9 device, or you found this from some where, you must return this device to its real owner.


Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Tecno Camon 30:

-Switch on tecno phone. Connect WiFI. From the same WiFi page, go to > Share > Neary > Turn on.

Tap to QR Code to bypass frp Tecno Spark 9


-Hit on a link “Need Help Sharing?”.

need help link


-Afterwards, from help page, just go over > 3 dots > Share Article.

Go to share article to bypass frp tecno spark 9, spark 9t


-From popup window, choose a “Message” app. After that, go to “New Message”.

-Send a text message with the url of “” to any random number (See below image).

send youtube in message to bypass frp Tecno Spark 9, Spark 9t


-Go to “Tap to load preview”. After that, go to “Youtube” image.

tap to youtube video prevew to reach inside youtube


Note: In case, if you get back to QR Code scanning page, don’t worry repeat all above steps again, and hit again on youtube link, this time the youtube website will be launched successfully.

-Tap on “Profile icon” from top corner, and go to > Settings > About > Youtube terms of service.


-Choose an option > Use without an account > No Thanks.


Access to Tecno Camon 30 Settings:

-Search in browser “Download frp tools“, and visit our website searched result.

-Tap on “Open Palm Store” to get into your device settings directly.


-After reaching inside palmstore app, just tap to “Download” button from (Cake crush) app.

-Hit on “Back Arrow” from bottom.

-Tap to “Skip” from top right corner.

tap to download from palmstore to bypass frp tecno camon 30


-After that, hit on “Tools” icon from bottom corner, if you reach back over (Smarten your apps choice) screen, just go to “Skip” from top right corner.

-Go to “Search” icon from top left corner.

Go to tools option from palmstore app to bypass frp tecno camon 30


-Tap few times over “Allow” option from popup window.

-Type “Palm” in top search bar, after that, tap to “Update” option to update palm store app.

search and update palmstore application


-After updating palmstore app successfully, you will get back to main (Palmstore) page.

-Tap again over “Download” button from (Cake crush) app. After that, hit on “Back Arrow” from bottom.

click to download option from palmstore to bypass frp tecno camon 30


-Search and install “Itel Launcher”. Once the installing process is done, just go to “Open” to launch itel launcher application.

Install and open Palmstore


-From 1st startup page of itel Launcher, just go to > Start > Next > Accept.

-Congrats on successfully reaching toy our device main home-screen.

-Open your device menu, and find and tap on “Palm Store” app icon.

open palm store app

-Tap to “Back Arrow” from top side. After that, tap again on “Back Arrow” from bottom right corner.

-Go to “Tools” icon. After that, tap to “Free Space” option.

send app through palmstore

-Go to “Receive” option to receive some frp bypass apk apps.

-Open & Allow all the list same as shown in below screen shot.

tap on receive and allow some permission


-Go to > Next > Got it.

-You will have a (QR Code Scanner) over there.

-You are required here another android device, using that android that phone, we will transfer 2 apks app to our Tecno Camon 30 device. After that, we can easily setup new google account.


Use another Android Device to Download & Send Apk Apps:

-You can use your any sibling or friend android device, would be better, if you use (Infinix, itel, or Tecno) brand device.

-Let’s download & install (Palmstore) app. In other android device, just open “Chrome browser”.

-Search with “Palm Store”. From the searched result, just go to “Palm Store Wap”. (See below image).

Open Palm Store to bypass frp Tecno POP 7 Pro


-Hit on a “Download” option. after that, you will be displayed a popup window, just hit again on “Download” option from popup window to download (Palmstore) app.

-After that, install the downloaded (Palmstore) app in your device to Bypass FRP Tecno Camon 30.

download palmstore app

Download FRP Tools:

-After installing palm store app, just open “Chrome browser” again. Search there with “Download FRP Tools“.

-Go to 1st searched result same as shown in below image.

Download frp tools apk to bypass frp


-Download 2 below apps from there.

1st: Account Login.

2nd: Google Account Manager 8.

-After that, go to top of the page, and tap over > 3 dots > Downloads.

3 dots download folder


-You will be able to see both downloaded apps in your download folder.

-Let’s go back your device main menu screen. From there, open “Palm Store” application which you recently installed.

open palm store app


-Lets update this app now, just search type in to search area “Palm”, from the searched result, go to “Palm Store” app.

-Tap to “Update” option to update this app successfully.

update palmstore app


-Relaunch plamstore app from the device main homescreen.

open palm store app


-Go to > Tools > Free Share > Send.


Send any app to tecno BF7 to connect both devices


-Go t “Apks” option from the top, choose both downloaded apps (Google Account Manager & Account Login) app.

-After that, tap to “Send” button from bottom.

-From next (Prepartion) page, you will be asked to (Open Bluetooth & Access Location). Just allow both options from there one by one.

-You will be displayed (QR Code) on screen.

-Let’s Scan QR code using (Tecno Camon 30) device to connect both devices each other.

Scan QR code to connect both devices


-Install both apps one by one in your Tecno Camon 30 device.

-After that, from Tecno camon 30 device, just tap to “Open” from (Account Login) application.

Install and open frp bypass apps


-Sign in new account there by going to > 3 dots > Browser Sign in to Bypass FRP Tecno Camon 30.


-After setup new account successfully, just go back to main (Palmstore) page by hitting over back arrow few times same as shown in below image.

-Tap to “Uninstall” option from there.

-Uninstall all 3 previously installed apps (Google Account Manager, Account Login, Itel Launcher.

Uninstall all 3 application from tecno camon 30

-After that, just go all the way back to first (Select Language) screen. Complete initial setup wizard without facing google verification screen. Thanks for visiting us.