how to bypass frp account realme C35

Remove FRP Account Realme C35 Android 13, 12 By New Pattern

After hard reset the device, if you are stuck over a (Google Sign in) page just because of forgetting already added google account of this device. That means, your device is on a FRP protection, and, you have to prove yourself as a device owner just by signing in again with already added google account. However, if you are unable to recover or remember your old google account. In this case, you have to follow up this method to Remove FRP Account Realme C35 (Android 13, 12) without using any paid services.

Note: We highly recommend you to apply this method only on your own device, if you are not owner of this Realme C35, or you found this from some where, you must return this device to its real owner.


Let’s Start to Remove FRP Account Realme C35:

-Connect WiFi first, after that, from the same (Connect to WiFi) page, just go to “QR” icon same as displayed in below screen shot.

-Afterwards, tap to > Share > Neary > Turn on.

Tap to QR Code to bypass frp Tecno Spark 9


-Go to a link “Need Help Sharing?”.

need help link


-Get some share options by tapping to > 3 dots > Share Article.

Go to share article to bypass frp tecno spark 9, spark 9t


-You will be asked to choose a share app, just choose “Message” app.

-After that, go to “New Message” option from popup window.

-Send a text message with the url of “” to any random number (See below image).

send youtube in message to bypass frp Tecno Spark 9, Spark 9t


-Go to “Tap to load preview”. After that, go to “Youtube” image.

tap to youtube video prevew to reach inside youtube


-After that, tap to > Use without an account > No Thanks from google chrome browser screen.

-We have to setup new pattern lock on our device to successfully Remove FRP Account Realme C35.


Setup new Pattern Lock:

-First of all, go to our website frp tools page by searching with “Download frp tools” from top address bar of the chrome browser.

-Go to 1st searched result from there same as shown in below image.

-Tap to “Setup Pattern Lock” option from frp tools page. You will be redirected on pattern lock setup page.


-Choose “Pattern” option. After that, draw any desire pattern lock twice time. After that, tap to “Confirm” button from bottom right corner.

-After hitting on “Confirm” option, if you see a screen of (Keep your device unlocked while its on you). That means, your new pattern lock has been setup successfully.

Setup new pattern quickly to Bypass FRP Moto G62 5G


-If you don’t see screen of (Keep your device unlocked while its on you), that means, your new pattern lock is not setup yet, you will have to try this again. You will be able to setup new pattern lock after 10-20 tries. But do this too fast, quickly hit over > Patter > Draw pattern > confirm.

-After you setup new pattern lock successfully, and, you are on a (keep your device unlocked while its on you) page, just tap to > Yes IM IN > Got it.

keep your device unlocked screen


-To confirm your new pattern Lock, just press “Power key” to turn off screen only. After that, tap again on “Power key” to wake up the time. This time, you will be shown pattern lock asking screen. Draw your already setup pattern lock to unlock the device.

-Its all done now from Remove FRP Account Realme C35 without using any paid services.

-Go all the way back to first home-page. Complete setup wizard.

-On a (Google Verification) screen, you will have a (Skip) option, just skip that page to go for the next.

skip from google sign in screen to bypass frp account