how to bypass google account realme narzo 30

2 Ways to Bypass Google Account Realme Narzo 30 [New Method]

If you are still facing a frp lock issue, so you can follow up 2 best methods from here to Bypass Google Account Realme Narzo 30, the 1st method is the latest one, we can easily reach to our device homescreen just by disabling a single (google play services) app.

The second method is also very short method, and just using a one simple code, you can reach to device homescreen and add new google account to remove old one completely, how we do that all, just follow steps from below.

Warning: This method is only for device owner and for educational purpose only.

Method 1: Remove FRP Realme Narzo 30 [Android 11]
Method 2: Remove FRP Realme Narzo 30


Method 1: Bypass Google Account Realme Narzo 30

-First of all, connect WiFi, and then from (Connect to WiFi) homepage, just tap to “Manually Add a Network”, after that, tap on “Name” field tab to get keyboard from bottom.

-Tap to > Mic icon > Deny.

-Again tap on > Mic icon > Deny.


-Tap one more time on “Mic icon”, and this time you will see a popup message, just hit on “Allow” option from there.

-Go to > Permission > Search icon.

-You will be redirected to the Gboard screen, from there tap to “Permission”, and hit over “Search icon” from top corner.


-Search “Settings” at top search area, and go to “Reset System Settings Only”.

-After that tap to > Reset Network Settings > Reset Network Settings.

-Now go to > Reset System Settings only > Reset System Settings only.


-Finally, tap to >Erase downloaded apps and their data > Erase data.

-Now your device will be restart automatically, just wait over there for a while this reset process finish completed, and after that you are all done from Bypass Google Account Realme Narzo 30, now you ca enojoy your device back with new google account.



Method 2: Bypass Google Account Realme Narzo 30

Hey, are you still facing frp protection on your device, and unable to Bypass Google Account Realme Narzo 30, this method will assist you to remove that easily without PC and frp tools, we will enter one code, through that you will be redirected in your device homescreen without finishing up initial setup etc.

-Start with turning on Realme Narzo phone.

-Connect to your working WIFI network.

-Get back to “Select Language” homepage, because we have to enter code from there to access the device.

-Hit on “Emergency Call” option from bottom left corner of your device screen, and this will show you typing number screen.


-Type a code “*#813#” to bypass google account without pc and app.

Note: If this code do not work, then type this one code (*#812#)

-Wait few seconds after typing code, and then boom, you will be taken in to the device homescreen.

type code 813 to bypass frp Realme Narzo 30


Enable Developer Options to Turn on OEM:

-Go to “Settings”.

-Go all the way down, and tap to “About Phone”.

-Tap on “Baseband & Kernal”, and then tap 7 times quickly on “Build Number”, this will enable (Developer Options) for you.

enable developer option to bypass google account realme narzo 30


-Let’s get back to > Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.

-Turn on “OEM Unlocking” option.

enable oem unlocking to bypass google account realme narzo 30


Reset Device:

-We will do factory reset operation in the device for permanently Bypass Google Account Realme Narzo 30.

-Go back to “Settings”.

-From there, tap to > Additional Settings > Backup & Reset > Erase All Data (Factory Reset) > Erase All Data.

erase all data to bypass google account realme narzo 30


-The realme device will auto reboot, and will take some time to be reset completely, after that, finish initial setup wizard after connecting with WiFi, and add your new google account.

-You can add your new google account by going into your device > Settings > User & Account > Add Account > Google.

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