how to bypass frp all techno android 10 without pc

Bypass frp All Tecno Android 10 Without PC [New Method]

If you are facing frp locking issue in your Tecno device, so you can apply this method to bypass frp All Tecno Android 10 devices, through just changing device language, we will be able to access google chrome browser to install some frp tools.

Everything has been mentioned below of this post with screen shot, so you can follow up all steps from below easily and if you find any difficulty in understanding any step, you can comment us as well.

Note: This method is only for device owner, do make sure you are the owner of Tecno Android 10 device.


Let’s Begin to Bypass frp All Tecno Android 10:

-Connect WiFi and Change language to Hindi (हिंदी).

Note: You can also change language to your regional language except (English), because this process will not work with English language, if you are English native speaker, you don’t need to be worried, just follow below steps after changing device language to (Hindi).


-We have to open “Keyboard”, for that we will got to (WiFi) homescreen, so tap to > Blue Option > Bottom right Option > Bottom Right Option.


-Hit on “Bottom Left Option”.

-Tap on “+” option from there, this will popup keyboard for you.

-From bottom of the keyboard, long hit on “Language icon”, and then tap very last hyperlink option same as shown in below image.


-You have to tap on “Center Blue button”, go down and tap अंग्रेज़ी, the option that has also a (Arrow Symbol).


-Go to > 3 dots > 2nd option.


-Tap on “Search box”, and then long tap at “Language icon”.

-From the popup box, tap 2nd option “Qwerty”.

-Search there “Youtube”, and tap on “1st searched result” same as shown below image.


-Go to > Play icon > 3 dots > Clock icon.


-Go to> Blue button > Blue button >  left option.


Download FRP Tools in Tecno Android 10:

-Search “Download frp tools” & visit our website searched result.


-Download below 2 apps to Bypass frp All Tecno Android 10.

1/ Google Account Manager 9

2/ Account Login.

-After the download process done, go to top of the webpage, and hit on “3 dots” from top right corner, and then tap to option “डाउनलोड”. (Follow below image).


Install Apps to Bypass frp All Tecno Android 10:

-Tap to “Google Account Manager 9“, and from popup box, tap to “Right Option”, enable the (Disabled Button) to allow installing apps.

-Go back by tapping on back arrow from bottom of the screen.


-Install “Google Account Manager 9” by tapping on “Right Options”.

-Install “Account Login” app by tapping on “Right Options”.

-By following image, hit on “3 dots”, and then hit on option which will appear after that.


-This is the time to add your own new Google account, for that just sign in with any your active Google Account to Bypass frp All Tecno Android 10.


Get back to English Language:

-B tapping at “x” from top right corner, close download folder.

-You will automatically get back to our website webpage.

-Let’s start to download “Apex Launcher” app, once downloading process done, access back to download folder.

-To access back to download, go to top of the page, and tap to “3 dots”, and then tap on डाउनलोड”.


-Using right option, Install & Open “Apex Launcher”, and you will be redirected to your device homescreen.

-Go to “Settings”, and go all the way down, and tap on “Last Gear icon” option, and then tap on “first world icon” option, and then tap on “first Language” option. (Follow below image).


-Hit to “+” sign, and add new English language by following below image.


-Delete (Hindi) language by follow screen shot.

Congrats, you are almost done from bypass frp all Tecno android 10, and the device language has successfully been changed to (English), by tapping on back arrow several times, get back to first (Welcome/Hi there) homescreen to finish up initial setup.

You will not face any frp lock issue now, just complete setup wizard, if you google sign in screen, there you will also have (SKIP) option, so you can also skip that screen as well, Thanks for visiting us.

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