OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 Battery Life Test Whole Night

People are searching around OnePlus 3t and Oneplus 3 battery life, because OnePlus 3 has Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery and Oneplus 3t has 34 mAh, and i will show the result of battery draining time of OnePlus 3 which has lower mAh than OnePlus 3t, and we can imaging that if OnePlus 3 with 3000 mAh could give us 40 to 48 hours timing with more than normal usage than why not OnePlus 3t which is latest model of Oneplus could give us better battery timing than Oneplus 3, let’s begin with Oneplus 3.

See Result of OnePlus 3 Battery Life Test:

I started using my OnePlus 3 mobile phone with 100% charged at 9 o’clock PM and i tried my best to make heavy usage, i tried to somehow get drained its battery as soon as possible by Youtube, videos, browsing, like checking stuff on amazon and on some other websites, playing games, watching games and sports.

When i checked my battery life after 4 hours heavy usage, it was 68% battery life means lost 32% of battery on heavy usage till 4hours, and i kept that continue and doing something with my mobile, remember i think this all i did more than a normal usage, as we use our mobile on daily, on working days, like making calls and then put mobile inside pocket and doing some other work, so this kind of usage is not as i did, i did heavy usage so that i could estimate it’s battery timing, and in spite of doing that all when i checked my remaining battery % again after 7 hours from 9 o”clock, so remaining battery life was around 46%, means it lost just 54% in spite heavy usage.

Then again i checked my battery timing at 7:28 am , remember i was doing heavy usage from 9 am, and battery life was 17% remaining at 7:28 am, means instead of using lot more apps, games, and much kind of stuff whole night till more than 10hours, we just lost 83% battery life, and still with 17% battery life my phone showing me estimation time of battery life is 4hours, which is pretty amazing, and i am sure with normal usage this phone would give you easily 2 days means around 40 to 48 hours battery timing, so this is the tremendous battery life on OnePlus 3.

OnePlus 3T Battery Life Test Estimation:

Now we can easily imagine and calculate the battery life of OnePlus 3T after reading about Oneplus 3, because 3T is the latest model of same brand with 400 mAh more than Oneplus 3.