How to Fix Green Display Problem in Samsung Mobiles

You wanna Fix Green Display Problem in Samsung?, If your Samsung device is not working, and it’s showing you continuously “Green Display” and also if you are unable to charge your mobile, unable to connect your mobile to your PC via data cable, so in this scenario, we have one easy method to sort out all these issues easily, and mostly you get this type of display issue because of heavy usage of internet, and opening too many tabs and browsers at same time.

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I tried this method with my Samsung E-7 device, and i am sure this method is for all samsung android mobiles, whether you have galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3 or any other samsung model, so let’s start how to solve this “Green Display” Issue.

Press and hold “Volume down + Home button + Power key button” together, but this option did not work as well.

Fix Green Display Issue:

Apply this below method i am sure, you will be successful to remove this green display problem.

-Press and Hold “Power Button + Volume Down Key” together for 10 Second.

Once green display remove, leave keys together and wait for 2mintue, your mobile will start normally.
After that, make sure, if you have “Master Cleaner” app in your mobile, so uninstall this app.