Solve Bluetooth Connection Issue, Fix Bluetooth Issue, Android Bluetooth Not Working

How to Solve Bluetooth Connection Issue in any Android Device

Are you unable to connect other device with bluetooth? or your bluetooth app is not turning on? what every issue you have in your android device relevant bluetooth, so you don’t to be worried and there is no need to visit any software repairer, you can Solve Bluetooth Connection Issue on your own easily just by following some easiest steps.


Let’s Solve Bluetooth Connection Issue:

-Go to device MENU.

-From there, tap on “Settings Gear icon” to go to Settings.

-Now go down and then tap on “APP”.

-After that, you have to tap on “3 dots” from top right corner of your device screen.

-Now we have to force stop some apps to Solve Bluetooth Connection Issue.

-Now select “Show Systems App”.

-Go down and tap on “Bluetooth Share”.

-Now tap on “Storage”.

Solve Bluetooth Connection Issue, Fix Bluetooth Issue


-After that tap on “Clear Cache”, and after that tap on “Clear DATA” after that select “OK”.

-Once you are done, tap on “Back Key”, and then tap on “FORCE STOP” button to forcefully stop bluetooth share app.

Android Bluetooth Not Working


-Now go back to “APPS”.

-From there ,tap on “BT TOOL”, and then tap on “Storage”.

 Fix Smartphone Bluetooth Bugs

-Now tap on “Clear Cache” and after that tap on “Clear DATA” and then select “OK” from the popup.

-After that tap on “Back Key”.

-Now tap on “FORCE STOP”.

clear data bt tool


-Perfect, now we are successfully to Solve Bluetooth Connection Issue.

-Restart your device.