Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1 plus TA-1105

Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1 plus TA-1105 By Latest 2019 Method (Without PC)

Bypass google account Nokia 5.1 plus easily by new method, in latest security patch, you won’t be able the find out “Help & feedback” option in your talkback, but we have found alternate method to easily Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1 plus. Follow all steps from below.


Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1 plus :

-From the “WELCOME SCREEN”, just tap on “Let’s Go”.

-After that, tap on “Skip”, and then connect Wi-Fi network to your device.

-Now go back very first “Welcome” screen.

-Tap on Language option to change your language, and there you will get screen of “Choose your Language”.

-Go down to the very bottom of language list, and from the bottom to top, just select “7 number” language same as shown in below image.

Note: The language has been changed, and now we will describe you all options by its right and left position.

-Tap on “Blue Button.

Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1 plus TA-1105


-Tap on “Bottom Left Option”.

-It will take some time to show next option.

-After that, again tap on “Bottom Left Option”.

-After that, you will see “Verify Patter” screen, there will be 1 center option, just tap on that.

-Tap on “Middle Box” to bring keyboard”.

-From the keyboard, long tap on “Space Bar” button and then you will get popup window.

Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1, Unlock FRP Nokia 5.1

-From the popup window, tap on “3rd option”, that is on the bottom left corner of the popup window.

-Tap on “Blue button” from the bottom centered.

-Now select the “6th number” option from the list (See Below image).

bypass google frp Nokia 5.1 PLUS


-Tap on “3 dots” from top right corner and select “2nd option”.

-Select “About switch access for android”.

bypass frp nokia 5.1 plus without talkback


-Tap once “Youtube Video” and then wait few seconds, after that you will get some extra options.

-Tap on “Share Arrow” and then tap on “3 dots”

-After that you will one black window, from that, select “2nd option”.

-Congratulation, you have successfully accessed to the youtube official website, and we can easily Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1 plus, so let”s do it.

-Drag down the youtube video, and then tap on “Profile icon” from top right corner.

-Select “Lock icon option”.

-From chrome welcome screen, select > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.

-Congrats, now we have got search box, where from we will be able to download frp removal applications to Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1 plus.


Download FRP Removal Applications:

-Type and search in address “Download frp tools“.

-Visit 1st search result from google.


-Go down and download from there 2 below applications.

1-Account Login

2-Google Account Manager 8.x.x

-Wait until downloading finish.

-After that tap on “3 dots” from the top right corner of your chrome browser.

-Select from there “Downloads”.

-You will be redirected to the downloaded applications.


-Just tap on “Google Account Manager 8.x.x”, and then you will get a popup box, from that box, tap on “Right Option”.

-Enable the option of “Allow from this sources”.

-Tap on “Back Key”.

-Now tap on “Right Option”, and then your google account manager app will start installing.

-Once installation finish, just tap on “Left Highlighted Option”.

-Tap on “Account Login” app to install it.

-Tap on “Right Option”, once installation process complete, just tap on “Right Option” again to go inside account login app.

-There you will see “Retype Password” screen, just tap on “3 dots” from top right corner and select the popup option from there.

-From popup window, just tap on “Right Option”.

-To Bypass FRP Nokia 5.1 plus, just enter your any valid gmail account and sign in there.

-Once you signed in successfully, just restart your device.

-After device reboot, you will get first “Welcome” screen, from there, change your language back to “ENGLISH”.

-Complete initial setup, and this time you will not see any “Verify your Account” screen, because you have already entered your new gmail account.


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