remove frp galaxy A20s, Galaxy A20E, Galaxy A20 Android 10

Remove frp Galaxy A20S, A20E, A20 Android 10, 9 (No SIM, No Bluetooth)

You are not required any SIM PIN or Bluetooth method for this phone, that is new way to Remove frp Galaxy A20S, A20E, A20 Android 10, Android 9, and we can easily acheive that by flashing with stock firmware, you can also get link below to download stock firmware galaxy A20 all models.

Warning: This method is only for device owner.


Let’s Start to Remove frp Galaxy A20S, A20E, A20 (PIE/OREO):

-Firstly, connect Wi-Fi.

-Go to screen of “Verify your account”.

-Tap on “Email or Phone” field to bring keyboard.

-Now tap on “Settings gear icon”, and then tap on “Swipe, Touch and Feedback”.

-Select “Touch Feedback”.

Remove frp Galaxy A20S by tapping touch feedback

-Tap on “Sound & Vibration”.

-Tap on “Ringtone” .

-Select “SIM 1”.

hit on sounds and vibration for frp galaxy A20e, A20s


-Now tap on “+” sign from top right corner.

-If you are getting popup window of “Allow & deny” option, that means, you can easily remove frp without flashing device with stock firmware. you can continue your next steps from here.

-If you don’t see popup box, then you are required to flash with new stock firmware of Android 10, Whether your android verison is 9 or 10, but we do have to download and flash with only Android 10 firmware. so lets do that.

No popup box, need to flash galaxy A20 with fresh firmware


Download Galaxy A20, A20E, A20S Firmware:

-Before downloading firmware, we have to know what firmware we should download.

-Turn off your phone.

-Long press both (Volume UP + Power Key) to get into “Android Recovery Mode”.

-Release only “Power key” after you see “Galaxy A20 LOGO”.

-Perfect, now you have successfully entered into recovery mode.

android recovery mode galaxy A20 to check firmware code


-There you can check your firmware code, just write down your code in your PC notepad.

-Your firmware code should be like this (A205FNXXU7BTD2, A207MUBU2BTD7), so write down only this type of code.

Click here to Download Galaxy A20, A20E, A20S firmware.

-Type and search your firmware same as shown in below image.

download firmware galaxy a20 to bypass google account galaxy A20 android 10


-Select your desire firmware from searched result, and then click to download by clicking on “Slow Speed”

Note: Download firmware of only “Android 10” version, and “Language” does not matter, we will change that later.

firmware galaxy A20s


-Once downloading finish, just extract firmware from winrar archive.

-Lets flash your phone to Remove frp Galaxy A20S, A20E, A20.


Flash Galaxy A20 Phone with Stock Firmware:

-Downlaod Odin Tool in your PC by Click Here.

-Open Odin software in PC.

-Click on “BL”, and give the path “BL File” from your downloaded stock firmware.

-Do the same respectively with AP, CP, CSC. (See below image if you do not understand).

-Now put your phone in “Bootloader” mode by longp press (Volume UP + Power Key).

-Release only “Power key” after you see “Galaxy A20 LOGO”.

-Once you entered into “Recovery Mode”. just select the option of “Reboot to bootloader”.


-Now you will see “Downloading…” screen.

-Connect phone to PC using USB Cable.

-Click on “START” button from odin software.

flash galaxy A20 with odin

-This will start flashing your device with new firmware file.

-This may take several minutes in comleting flashing process, so keep patience, and do not disconnect your phone.

-Once flashing process finish, your phone will auto reboot, and you will see “SAMSUNG GALAXY A20” Logo, just disconnect your device.

-Your phone will take several minutes again in showing you setup wizard.


Final Step to Remove frp Galaxy A20S, A20E, A20:

-Now change langauge to “English”.

change language galaxy A20 to bypass frp


-Tap on “NEXT ARROW” sign from Let’s Go screen.

-Select option “I have read and agree to all of the above”, and then tap on “NEXT”.

-Connect to your “WiFi” connection.

-Once wifi is connected, just tap on any other WiFi connection.

-Tap on “Enter Password” field to bring the “Keyboard”.

-Now tap on “Settings gear icon”, and then tap on “Swipe, Touch and Feedback”.

-Now hit on “Touch Feedback”.


-Tap on “Sound & Vibration”.

-Tap on “Ringtone” .

-Select “SIM 1”.


-Now tap on “+” sign from top right corner, and then tap on “Deny” from the popup window.

tap on deny from popup box in galaxy A20 frp unlock


-One more time, tap on > SIM1 > + Sign > Deny & Dont Ask Again.

tap on deny and dont ask again in galaxy A20


-Final time, Tap on > SIM1 > + Sign > Settings (from the popup window).

-After that, you will be redirected to the “Sound Picker’ window, now we can easily Remove frp Galaxy A20S, A20E, A20.

bypass frp all samsung galaxy A20s, A20E, A20 Android 9, android 10


-Tap on “Permission”.

-After that, tap on “Search icon” from top right corner & search “Pin Winows”.

-Tap on “Pin windows” from the searched result.

Search pin windows galaxy A20


-Go down, and enable “PIN Windows” button.

-After that, tap on “Pin Window”.

-Turn on option “Use screen lock type to unpin”.

Set 4 digits pin lock code in your galaxy device to bypass frp


-Select “PIN”, and set your 4 digit pin code “1234”, and then tap on “OK”.

-Once you successfully set pin, now we will have to get back to very first “Lets Go” screen by tapping on back arrow several times.

-Complete your setuz wizard, this time you will be asked to enter your 4 digits pin code instead of gmail account, because you are already done to Remove frp Galaxy A20S, A20E, A20.


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