bypass frp nokia C1 android 9

Bypass frp Nokia C1 Android 9 without any PC and Talkback

We are going to show you new way of Aug-2020 to Bypass frp Nokia C1 android 9 without PC and talkback, through just changing language, we can access to our device settings, from where we could easily add our new gmail account, this process can also be applied on many other Nokia phones, but we are showing you right now with Nokia C1, you can also check our all available methods on Nokia Phone.

Warning: This method is only for device owner, and for educational purpose only.

Note: This method has successfully been applied on Nokia C1 Android 9, security patch level 5 May 2020, you can also try this method on your any other Nokia Android 9 version phone.


Let’s Begin to Bypass frp Nokia C1:

-Connect wifi to your phone first and get back to first “Welcome” screen.

-Now we are going to change language to “Urdu”, before changing language, we want to inform you that, we will just explain all options with its numbering, and also with screen shots, so if you do not understand any option, you can have a look in screen shot for easy to understand.

-Tap on “Language option”, and go down and select the language “اردو“, you can see all options in below screen shot.

-Select “4th” option from there.

Bypass frp Nokia C1 Android 9 by changing language to urdu

-Now tap on “Blue button” from the middle, and then tap bottom right corner option.

-From the “wifi screen”, tap very last option.

access to add network to bypass frp nokia C1


-Again tap very last option, that starts with “+”.

Tap to add new network option


-From the keyboard, long tap on “Space bar button”, and after that you will be shown popup window, just tap on very last option same shown in below image.

long tap on space bar button to Bypass frp Nokia C1 Android 9


-Tap on “Blue button” from bottom.

-From language list, tap on “اردو”.

go to keyboard language to Bypass frp Nokia C1 Android 9


-Tap “3 dots” from top left corner, and then tap “2nd option”.

tap to 3 dots from top left corner in nokia c1


-Tap on “search icon” to get keyboard, and change your keyboard language to “English” by tapping on “World icon or comma button”, by tapping on one of these 2 button will change your language from Urdu to English.

-Type there “Delete”, and then tap on “Delete or Disable apps on android” option from the searched results.

-From there, tap on the hyper text “Tap to go to Application Settings”.

-To successfully Bypass frp Nokia C1, we are going into chrome browser.

go to delete or disable apps on android to bypass frp nokia


Let’s Get into Chrome:

-You will be redirected to the settings, now just scroll down and then tap on “Youtube Go” icon.

-Tap on “1st option” from there.

-Now tap on “Arrow down” from the bottom.

go to youtube settings in nokia android 10


–Tap on very last option that will appear after hitting on arrow down symbol.

go to app settings


-Go all the way down, and then tap on last option that appears with exclamation sign.

-After that, tap on “1st google option”.

-You will be shown “Welcome to Chrome” screen, just hit on > Accept & Continue > Next > NO Thanks.

-Now you have accessed to chrome browser to Bypass frp Nokia C1.


Download Frp Tools to Bypass frp Nokia C1:

-Type in chrome browser search box “Top samsung frp tools“.

-First search result will be of our website techeligible, just go to that, you can also see below image.

-Go down and download from there 2 frp tools, 1st- Google Account Manager 8, 2nd- Account Login.

-After downloading these 2 applications, go to top of the page, and tap on “3 dots” from top right or left corner of your browser, and then hit on “Downloads” option to get into download folder.

-There you will see your both downloaded frp removal apps.


Install Nokia Frp Applications:

-We are going to install apps in our phone to Bypass frp Nokia C1.

Note: As you know that, your device language is changed to URDU, so in this language, whatever option that appear on the left, that will be something like (OK, OPEN, DONE etc).

-Tap on “Google Account Manager 8” app, and after that you will have a dialog box of chrome, just tap on left option.

Turn on option from there, this will allow you to install apps easily without showing any error.

allow from this source to install app in Nokia


-Now tap on “Back Arrow” from the bottom to go back.

-After that, tap on “left option” to install the app.

-Tap on final option that will appear on installation done.

install frp app to bypass frp all nokia android 10


-Alright, now we are going to install 2nd app “Account Login”.

-Tap on “Account Login”, and then tap on “left option”, after that again tap on “Left option” to launch this app, and you will be shown screen with (Retype Password).

-From that screen, just hit on “3 dots” again from top left corner, and tap on the option that will appear after hitting on 3 dots.

-Now tap on “left option” again.

add new gmail account to bypass frp all nokia android 10


-You will have browser sign in screen, this is the screen through that you will Bypass frp Nokia C1 Android 9.

-Sign in there with your own valid gmail account.