how to bypass frp LAVA Z53 without pc

Bypass FRP LAVA Z53 and Setup New Google Account

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2023)

Are you still on a google verification screen ?, and can’t bypass frp because of forgotten both Gmail and pattern lock. Don’t worry, you can now get back your device just through Bypass FRP LAVA Z53 with some easy steps. Firstly, we will insert a SIM card in our device, and then, will access to device settings. Once we accessed there, after that, we will create new pattern lock for this device to bypass frp. Follow all steps now.

Disclaimer: We highly recommend you to apply this method only on your own device, if you are not owner of this device, or you found this from some where, you must return to its real owner.


Let’s Begin to Bypass FRP LAVA Z53:

-First of all connect WiFi, and go back on first (Hi there) screen, from there hit over “Emergency”, and double tap on “Emergency information”, now tap to “Pencil” icon from upright corner.


-Insert SIM card that has some contacts saved already.

-Go to “Add Contact”, and hit on any contact name from contact list, after that tap on that contact name to edit.

Add contact to bypass frp LAVA Z53


-Hit over “Pencil” from there, after that, type there number “112”, and hit on “Save”.

Save contact to 112 to bypass frp LAVA Z53

-Top on “Dial” icon to make call, and once the dialing screen is opened, just type this number there *#*#4636#*#*

Dial emergency number to bypass frp LAVA Z53


-After that, you will be redirected to the (Testing) screen, from there hit on “Usage Statistics”, and then hit on “Back Arrow” from left corner.

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-Congrats, now we are inside LAVA Z53 settings, from here, we can easily create new pattern lock for this device to bypass frp LAVA Z53.

-Scroll down, and go to > Security & Location > Screen Pinning > Turn on.


Setup New Screen Lock:

-Turn on also “Lock Device When unpinning”.

-Let’s setup new screen lock from here, that’s up to you, whether you choose PIN or Pattern or Password, all we need here is just to setup new screen lock to bypass frp.

-We’re choosing here “Pattern”.

setup new pattern to remove frp Tecno Camon iAir 2+


-Tap “Yes” from secure start-up screen, now setup your pattern lock here.

setup new pattern


-Once you setup new screen lock successfully, you will be redirected back on (Screen Pinning) screen.

-Restart LAVA Z53 device. After that, you will be asked to verify pattern lock, just give same pattern lock there, that you recently setup.

-From (Hi there) screen tap to > Start > Don’t copy.


-Give screen lock again for verification.

-From google verification screen, hit on > Skip > Skip.

skip from google sign in screen to bypass frp account


-Tap to > More > More > Accept, and you are all done now from Bypass FRP LAVA Z53, just sign with your new google account from your device settings.