Solve Lenovo K6 Power Hanging Issue | Restarting | Freezing Issues

This is the best solution for your Lenovo K6 power phone to Solve Lenovo K6 Power Hanging Issue and Restarting and Freezing issues, if your mobile gets restarting frequently or it has hanging or  freezing screen issue, so you can easily solve all these problems at once.

Solve Lenovo K6 Power Hanging Issue,

Before implementing this method on your mobile, it is recommended that to back up all your mobile data before hard resetting your mobile, because this method would wipe your all your data.

By using USB cable you can recover your mobile data in short time, and remove your memory card, if you have extra GB memory card, this could be fasted method to transfer your data from your internal storage of external storage and then remove external storage in avoid to lost your external data, and also take back up of your mobile contacts.

To know about how to take backup mobile contacts, you can visit this post by clicking here.

Let’s begin how to sort out all hanging, restarting, forgotten pattern and freezing screen problems in just few minutes.

Warning: Make sure, your mobile charging is more than %50, otherwise charge your mobile and for more security, charge mobile to 100% charging, while applying this method, if your mobile battery down, it could be more dangerous for your mobile to be recovered back.

Solve Lenovo K6 Power Hanging Issue:

1/ Switch off your mobile

After switching off mobile then, go to Bootloader menu of your mobile by

2/ Press Volume Up + Power button until its boot to bootloader menu

You will get several options in bootloader menu, choose “Select Recovery” mode to Solve Lenovo K6 Power Hanging Issue.

3/ Tapping on “Recovery mode” and after that wait few second, it will ask you to choose your desire language, select your desire language from there.

4/ Now you will be in “MEN MENU” from there Select “WIPE USER DATA”

5/ Select “FUSE FORMAT DATA”, and select “YES” this will erase your all data, and resolve all your mobile Bugs, and your mobile will be smooth as brand new mobile

6/ After resetting successful, tap to “GO BACK” button till you reach selecting language option, then again select your language from there, and it will show you some options, one of them will be of “Power off”, tap on that to Solve Lenovo K6 Power Hanging Issue.

Now “Turn on” your mobile by pressing power button, and hopefully, it might have resolved all your issues.