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Unlock Screen Lock All Android Phone By Using Gmail Account

This is the best and legit way to Unlock Screen Lock All Android Phone, if you are the owner of the device and you know your previously synced gmail account, then you can easily unlock screen lock using our this method, and this method can easily be applied on any android device, whether its Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi etc.


Unlock Screen Lock All Android Phone:

-Before starting this method, make sure you have removed your SD Card, otherwise you will lose your all data.

-Using our previously synced gmail ID, we will erase all data from android device to remove screen lock.

-Turn on your Android device to Unlock Android Password.

-Swipe from up to down to bring notification bar.

-Connect Wi-Fi to your device first.

-Now open “Internet Browser” in your computer or laptop.

-Now remember which GMAIL ID was added in your locked android device, and sign in with your that gmail account in your internet browser.


-Once you signed in successfully, just type in search box “Find My Device”.

-From search result, just tap on “Find My Device Google”.

Unlock Screen Lock All Android Phone



-Click on “Erase Device”.

Warning: this option will remove all data from your device.

-Now again click on “Erase Device”.

Unlock Android Password

-After that, it will show your popup message of “Erase Requested”.

-Wait few minutes until erasing process finish.

-After that, your Android will auto restart, and congrats you are done to Unlock Android Password.

-Now just complete initial setup to access your android phone easily and add new pattern lock.