Bypass FRP Alcatel Raven A574BL (Android 7.1.1) Without any PC

Free frp bypass method of 2020 to Bypass FRP Alcatel Raven A574BL android 7 version without using any PC, just you only need Wi-Fi connection in your device to follow our this post, just connect Wi-Fi and Rest steps can be followed from below.


Warning: This method is only for Device Owner:

Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Alcatel Raven A574BL:

-First connect WiFi.

-Afterwards, just go back to “Welcome” screen by tapping on back arrow several times.

-Tap on > Vision Settings > Talkback >> Turn on talkback from there.


-After turning on talkback feature, you will see a popup window of “Talkback Tutorial”.

-Draw “L” on your screen just by swiping down to right.

-Double Tap on “Talkback Settings”.


-Now Long press both (Volume UP + Volume Down) keys together to bring “Suspend talkback?” popup window.

-From there, just double tap on “OK” to successfully disabling the talkback feature.

-Go down, and then tap on “Help & Feedback” option.


-Tap on “Get Started with voice access”.

-You will be seen the “Youtube Video”, just tap on “Play icon” and wait for a minute until you get video title.

-Once you see video title named “Get Started with voice access”, just tap on that.


-From the update screen, just hit on “Not Now”.

-Now you are in website.

-Drag down the youtube video, and then tap on “3 dots” from top right corner & tap on “Privacy Policy”.


-Tap on “Accept & Continue”, and after that tap on “No Thanks”.

-We need to download and install 2 frp apps to Bypass FRP Alcatel Raven A574BL.


Download FRP Tools to Bypass frp Alcatel Raven:

-Type in search box “Download FRP Tools“.

-Tap on 1st searched result of techeligible same as shown in below image.


-Download from there “Google Play Services” app, and wait until downloading finish.

-Now download from there “Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0“, after downloading finish, you will surely have a bottom popup, just tap on “OPEN”.

-Now you will see “Security Popup Window”, just tap on “Settings”, and then enable option of “Unknown Sources”.

enable unknown sources to bypass frp account alcatel ideal 4

-Now tap on “Back Arrow” to get back to frp tool page.

-From there, download again “Quick Shortcut Maker”.

-Once downloading finish, just tap on “OPEN” from the bottom popup window.

tap to open to install app

-Tap on > Install > Open.

Launch Joy Launcher:

-Now you are inside quick shortcut maker app.

-Find and tap on “Joy Launcher”.

-Tap on very first “JOY Launcher” from the list.

-After that, tap on “TRY” to access your device home screen.

Access homescreen through joy launcher to bypass frp Alcatel Verso

-Now we can easily Bypass FRP Alcatel by installing (Google Play Services) app.

-Access to device > MENU > FILE > Download > Google Play Services > Next > Install > Done.

-Now we have installed “Google Play Services” app as well.

-We’ve to disable few apps to Bypass FRP Alcatel Raven A574BL.


Disable Some Apps:

-Go back to device “MENU” by tapping on back arrow twice time.

-Go to “Settings”.

-Tap on > Security > Phone Administrator > Android Device Manager > Deactivate this device Administrator.

-Afterwards, get back to “Settings” again.

-Tap on > Apps > Google Play Services > Disable > Disable App.


-Once the app disabled successfully, again get back to “Settings.


Add New Account:

-Tap on > Account > Add Account > Google.

-After that, you will see “Just a sec..” screen, just wait there.

-Enter your any valid Gmail account for the future use in Alcatel raven device.

-Once you signed in successfully, you are all done to Bypass FRP Alcatel Raven, now you only have to enable back the disabled device.

-Just get back to “Settings”.

-Tap on > Apps > All App > Disabled > Google Play Services > Enable.

-Restart Alcatel Raven. After that, you can easily complete setup wizard steps on your own, thanks for visiting us.