Bypass google account itel S11 without pc

Bypass Google Account Itel S11 With Menu Button App

This frp method will get help you to Bypass Google Account Itel S11 using a (MENU BUTTON) free frp apps, we will access to browser from our (WiFi Screen), and then we will add new google account using this menu button frp tools, so follow steps carefully.

Note: This method is only for Device Owner.


How to Bypass Google Account Itel S11:

-Connect WiFi & Go to “Select WiFi Network” screen.

-Tap to “Add Network”, afterwards, type any text in text field tab, and then long tap on your typed text, and then tap to “3 dots”, and hit on “Assist”.

Long tap typed text and tap to 3 dots


-Tap to “No Thanks”, and then type there “Chrome”, and tap on “Chrome” icon from searched result to access the chrome browser.



Download Itel S11 FRP Tools:

-Type in search box “Download frp tools“, and then go to our website searched result.

-Download from there below 3 apps in your device.


1/ Account Login.

2/ Google Account Manager 6.

3/ Menu Button.

-Once downloading finish, just get back to (Select WiFi Network) screen again.

-Long tap typed text, and tap to > 3 dots > Assist.

Long tap typed text and tap to 3 dots


-Search in google search box “File”, and tap to “File Manager” from the searched result.

-Tap to > All > Phone Storage > Downloads.

open file manager to bypass google account Itel S11


-Now tap to > MENU Button > Settings > Enable (Unknown Sources) option.

-Install & Open “MENU Button” to Bypass Google Account Itel S11.


How to Get Menu on Sidebar:

-Tap to “OK” from initial settings popup.

tap to OK from initial settings screen


-Turn on “Permit Drawing over other apps”.

turn on permit drawing over other apps to bypas google account Itel S11

-Tao to “Back Arrow” from bottom, and again tap to “OK” from popup window.

-Turn on “Menu Button” by following below image.

turn on menu button option


-Afterwards, tap to “Close” from popup.

-Now you’ve got a (MENU Buttons) on sidebar of the screen, we will install our other 2 remaining frp apps to bypass google account.

-Install & done “Google Account Manager“.

-Install & Open “Account Login” apps.

-Tap to > 3 Dots > Display the Settings screen > Turn on “Menu Button IME” > OK.

-Again hit on “3 dots”, and select “MENU BUTTON IME”, and then tap to “Browser Sign-in”.

Top right corner 3 dots are missing, menu button


-Login with your new google account to bypass frp easily.

-Restart Itel S11 phone.

-Without connecting WiFi, just finish your setup wizard, thank you for visiting us.

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