bypass google account galaxy fold 5G android 11

How to Bypass Google Account Galaxy Fold 5G Android 11

Bypass Google Account Galaxy Fold 5G through this method, and this has been applied on (Android 11) version device, just use a (Easy Samsung FRP Tools) to open youtube directly, and after wards, access to galaxy store to install S9 Launcher theme, and then we will be redirected inside the device home menu easily, follow steps from below.

Warning: This method is only for device owner and for educational purpose only.


The Tools You Need:

We do required below tools before starting this method, and these all can easily be arranged, not a big deal.

1/ WiFi Connection

2/ Samsung Account (Gmail Account)

3/ Any Other Android Device.

4/ Easy Samsung FRP Tools (You can also try latest version of this tool)

5/ PC or Laptop


Let’s Start to Bypass Google Account Galaxy Fold 5G:

1. Start method with Downloading & Opening the tool Easy Samsung FRP Tools in PC [Click here to Download].

2. Connect WiFi in Galaxy Z Fold 5G device, and then connect the device to PC or Laptop. (Make sure the Device is turned on).

3. After the galaxy phone is detected, just hit on “Bypass FRP” button from the software, and from the popup window, hit also on “OK”.

Note: If your device is not being detected, then install Samsung USB Drivers.


4. You will receive a popup box of (Easy Firmware), tap to “View”.

Note: If you don’t see (view) popup message, then click to “Disable Driver Signature” from the software, and then disconnect and connect the device again, and again hit on “Bypass FRP” button from the software, after trying this few times, you will be able to have (VIEW) popup message.


5. From the Chrome screen, tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Open Galaxy Store app in Z Fold:

6. Type in browser “Download Top Samsung frp tools“, and visit our website searched resul.t


7. Go down and tap on “Open Samsung Galaxy Store“.

8. Hit on “Cross icon” to close the popup message, and then hit on “Centered Option”.

access galaxy store to bypass google account galaxy A22


9. Check mark the option “Get new and special offer…”, and then hit on “Agree”.

10. Check mark the option “Automatically update the Galaxy Store”, and then tap to “Update”.


11. Tap on “Centered Option” again by following below image to open Galaxy Store app.

access to galaxy store after update


12. Tap to “Search icon” from top corner, and search there “S9 Launcher”.

search and install X9 Launcher app


13. Install & Open “S9 Launcher – Theme” app.

Note: Before the installation starts, you will have to sign in with your gmail account, and this gmail account should also be signed-in in other android device.

download and open S9 Launcher to bypass google account galaxy A22


14. Congrats, you have reached to your device home screen, but still plenty of steps remaining to bypass frp completely.


Follow Steps in Other Android Device:

15. Go to > Settings > Accounts & Backup > Accounts.


16. Add your Same (Google & Samsung Account) which you have already added in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5G device.


Note: Make sure, your both android devices are on same WiFi network and on Same Samsung/Google Account.

14. Open “Play Store” in other android device, and install “Alliance Shield X” app.


18. Go to > Settings > Accounts and Backup > Backup And Restore > Back up data.


19. Tap to “BACKUP UP” button from below to backup all your apps in Samsung Account, which is already signed-in in your (Galaxy Z Fold 5G) phone.


Follow Steps in Galaxy Z Fold 5G Device:

20. First of all make sure, your both devices are on same Samsung/Gmail account.


21. From (Settings), just go to > Accounts & Backup > Restore Data > Update.


22. Wait for few minutes, this will take time in updating all apps, Again hit on > Restore Data > Select all apps > Restore > Install, now wait until restoring data process completes.

23. Once the restoration process completes, just open (MENU), and you will have there “Alliance Shield X” app, this app has been restored from your other android device because your both devices are on same gmail account.

24. From the (Alliance Shield X) app, tap to > Next > Next > Next > Got it.


25. Register your new account in (Alliance Shield X) .


26. Sign-in with your registered account in (Alliance Shield X) app.

27. Type any “Device Name”, and then tap to “Next”.

28. Turn on “Device Admin”, and hit on > Activate > Next.

29. Turn on “Knox”, and select option (i have read and agree…), and tap to > Confirm > Next > Finish.

30. Go to “App Manager”, and tap to “Close” from popup box.

31. Hit on “Search icon” from top corner, and search there “Mode”, and tap to “Service Mode”.


32. Tap to “Activities”

33. Go all the way down, and tap on option (


34. Tap again on (, and again hit on “OPEN”, and then select (DM+MODEM+ADB).


Bypass Google Account Galaxy Fold 5G With ADB :

35. Download & Open below adb tool in your PC.


36. Connect the device (Z Fold 5G) with PC, Extract & Open “FRP Bypass ADB Tool” in PC.


This tool will start automatically, and will Bypass Google Account Galaxy Fold 5G in few seconds, wait until this process finishes.

Note: In your Samsung Device, you will have a popup widow, just tap to > Allow > Allow, afterwards, the ADB Tool will detect your device and will start bypassing frp lock.


37. After the device starts, Select the (Setup Wizard) icon, and boom, you are in your device HOME SCREEN.

We have to do a factory reset to this phone in order to remove previously added google account completely.


Final Step: Factory Reset Z Fold 5G

38. Go to > Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset > Delete All.

39. Give your Samsung account there, this will continue factory reset operation, once the process done, the device will auto reboot, and you will have first homscreen there, just finish initial setup wizard, and access to device normally without having previously added google account, and add your own new google account in order to use the benefits of a (FRP Protection).


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