how to bypass frp POCO X4 Pro 5G

Delete FRP Bypass Poco X4 Pro 5G By 2023 Method (NO PC)

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2023)

Are you looking for a working way to Delete FRP Bypass Poco X4 Pro 5G, you can follow up steps from here to get back this device with new google account, and delete permanently previously added account without using any paid tool, this is manual method, and just by disabling few apps, you can reach inside device homescreen to setup new google account.

Warning: Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed, this process is for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Start Delete FRP Bypass POCO X4 Pro 5G:

-Turn on device & Connect WiFi, afterwards go all the way back to first (MIUI 13) homepage, from there long press both (Volume UP/DOWN) keys simultaneously.

-Tap on “Turn on” from popup window.


-Long press one more time both (Volume + Down) buttons at the same time.

-From talkback screen, draw reverse “L” by swiping from right to left and then swipe up, (You have to draw reverse L).


You will’ve a popup window, just double hit on “while using the app”.

Double tap on “Use Voice Command”


-Speak loudly “Open Google Assistant” as soon as you see green boarder on screen, this will popup another window on your screen.

-From popup box, speak loudly again “Hey google open settings”, this will take you inside this device settings, from there, we will be able to Delete FRP Poco X4 Pro 5G.

Note: If listening is not working properly, you can either open settings by typing in search area, or hit on “Keyboard” icon and then tap again on “Mic” icon to speak again “Hey google open settings”.

-From settings, just go to > Additional Settings.

-Enable a shortcut icon by going to your device > Accessibility > Accessibility Menu > Turn on (Accessibility MENU Shortcut).

-Hit on “Allow” from popup.


-We will have there a (Talkback) icon at the bottom of screen same as shown in below image.

-Tap on that “Talkback icon” once, otherwise you won’t be able to use this button when we need, so do tap on this button right now once.

talkback shortcut icon


-Go back to (Settings), from there tap to > Google > exclamation sign.

go to google exclamation Sign bypass frp redmi note 10


-Search and access to (Delete or disable app on android) same as shown in below image, afterwards, just go to “Tap to go to application settings”.


-From the bottom center, tap on “More”, and then tap on “Show System”.

-Tap on > Android Setup > Force Stop > OK.


-Go back on “App list” again, find and tap to “Carrier Service”, now tap on “Force Stop”, and hit on “Ok”.

-After that, tap to > Disable > Disable App.


-Now we have to disable one more app, just go back to app list again.

-Find and tap to >  Google Play Services > Disable > Disable App.


-We have perfectly disabled all 3 applications, its time to restart your device just by long hold (Power) key, and then tap to “Restart” option.

-After restarting done, you will see a (Connect to Network) screen, if you don’t see this screen, you can get back to this screen by hitting on “Next” Arrow icon 4-5 times.

-From connect to Network screen, tap to “Next” arrow icon.

go to next from connect to network screen


-Afterwards, you will have there a loading screen, you may have to wait there for 3-5 minutes until this process is completed, after that, tap on “Don’t Copy”.

-Now you will have there a (Checking for update) screen, we have to follow below 3 steps as quick as possible to reach to (Google Play Services) page to enable this app back, so that, we could easily finish setup wizard, otherwise the screen will stuck on (Checking for update) screen.


Follow Below 3 Steps As Quick As Possible:

-Tap to > Human icon > Google Assistant > Settings.

Open google assistant from human icon to remvoe frp POCO X4 Pro 5G


-Once you reach on (Google Play Services) screen successfully, just hit on “Enable” button from there for Delete FRP Bypass POCO X4 Pro 5G

enable google play services to bypass frp all redmi miui 12.5

-Congrats, now you can easily reach inside POCO device homescreen without seeing any google verification screen, thanks for visiting us.