How to bypass frp Account VIVO V25

Bypass FRP Account VIVO V25, V25 Pro, V25E without Talkback

If you have a FRP protection on your Vivo device, you will be able to Bypass FRP Account VIVO V25, V25 Pro, V25E with this new method, and you don’t require any talkback, use a simple PIN locked SIM card, and after that, connect other android phone with your FRP locked device using a (Easy Share) app, through this way, you will be able to transfer other phone Gmail account into VIVO V25 device to completely bypass google account.

Warning: Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed, this process is for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Account VIVO V25, V25 Pro, V25E:

-Firstly, connect WiFi, and go back on “Hello” first homescreen.

-Prepare any 4 digits PIN locked SIM card, after that, insert that SIM card in your VIVO V25 device.

-You will see there a (Enter PIN or Enter PUK) locking screen, just press “Power” button once to turn off screen only.


-Remove “SIM card”, and press “Power button” again to wake up screen.

-Wait there until you see “Not signed in” message.

-Swipe up screen, and type there “111”, and tap to “Send a Message”.


-Type “” in text box, and tap to “Send” button to send this url as a message.

-Hit on “Tap to reload” option from url, after that, youtube thumbnail image will appear.

-Tap on “Youtube” to reach directly inside youtube website.

tap to youtube video prevew to reach inside youtube


Note: In case, if you get back to QR Code scanning page, don’t worry repeat all above steps again, and hit again on youtube link, this time the youtube website will be launched successfully.

-Tap on “Profile icon” from top corner, and go to > Settings > About > Youtube terms of service.


-From chrome window, tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Access VIVO Settings:

-Search in top browser  “Download FRP Tools“, go to our website searched result.

-Tap to “Access Device Settings“.


-From settings, go to “Shortcut & Accessibility”.

go to shortcut and accessibility option


-Tap on > Easy Touch > Turn on.

-You will see there a circle icon, just tap on that “Circle icon” to check easy touch menu, you will see some social media icons in your easy touch shortcut.

-Now go to “Customize Menu”.

enable easy touch


-Tap on “Click to Add”.

-Select only “Easy Share” application, and this app will automatically be added into your (Easy touch menu).

add easyshare app in easy touch menu


-Go all the way back on first “Hello” screen by hitting on back arrow several times.

-Hit on “Circle icon”, from there, tap to “EasyShare” app.

Open easy share app from easy touch shortcut to remove frp account VIVO V25E


-Select “i have read the user agreement”, after that, hit on “Agree” option.

-Swipe all screen 4 times to left, and tap to “Start” button.

-Go to > Phone Clone > New Phone > Android > Got it.

Setup new phone from easyShare app to remove frp


-Tap few times on “While using the app” from shortcut popup, and tap to “Allow”.

-You will having a QR Code reader screen.

scanning screen


-Take any other non FRP lock android device, install “Easy Share” app in that android device from google play store.

install easy share app from google play store


-Install another app “Activity Launcher” in other android device.

install activity launcher app from google play store to bypass frp


-Open “Easy Share” app in other android device.

open easyshare app from other android phone


-Go to > Phone Clone > Old Phone > Set Now.

setup old phone from easyshare app to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-Turn on from there “Easy Share” app, after that, hit on “Back Arrow”.

-Hit on > Old Phone > Got it > While using the app > Allow.

-You will have QR Code in your other android device, lets scan that code with your VIVO V25 FRP locked device.

Qr code screen from other android device


-After scanning QR Code, you will receive a popup in other android device, tap to “Set Now”.

-Now your both device will be connected each other, and we can now easily transfer (Activity Launcher + Google Account) from other android device to a VIVO frp locked phone, this is how, you will be able to bypass frp Account VIVO V25, V25 Pro, V25E.

-Turn on “Easy Share” app, now hit on “Got it”.

-Tap on “Allow” option for 4 times,

-De-select “All Options”, after that go to “Apps”.

Go to apps to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-Select only “Activity Launcher”, and tap to “Ok”.

select only activity launcher


-Tap on “Start Phone Clone” button, now wait until this transferring app process is done.

-Once you see “Cloning Completed” in VIVO V25 device, just tap on “Apps”.

-Hit on “Open” from activity launcher app, after that, hit on “OK”, now you will have there a “Loading” screen, just wait until this process is done.

Go to activity launcher app to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-Hit on “Android Setup”, you will see there a big list of too many android setup, just scroll down, and tap to “” same as shown in below image.

-Tap to > Start > Skip > Next > Next > No Cable > Copy Without Cable.

-Hit on “Next”, this will show you (Verify pattern) screen, just tap on “Use my google account instead”, after that, go to > Next > Next.


Setup Device from Other Android Phone:

-Go to your other android phone.

-Open “Google” app, hit on “Mic icon”.

-Speak loudly “Setup my device”, after that, tap on > Next > Next > Copy.

Speak loudly setup my device to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-You will receive a (Verify its you) google screen in VIVO V25 device, just sign in there with your same (Google Account) that is already logged-in in your other android phone.

Verify gmail account

-Once you signed in successfully, now you can easily complete rest steps on your own, thanks for visiting us.


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