delete frp account VIVO Y100

Remove FRP VIVO Y100 Android 13 by 2 Best Methods

If you don’t know your google account after hard reset your vivo phone. That’s means, you are in a trouble, and unable to finish initial setup wizard. Because, you don’t remember your already signed in google account. You have a chance to skip initial setup wizard and reach your device home screen directly for signing in with updated google account. You can do this all just through Remove FRP VIVO Y100 (Android 13) using easyshare application. Follow 2 best methods from below to get back your VIVO device.

Warning: Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed, this process is for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Method 1: Remove FRP VIVO Y100 [Android 13] New
Method 2: Remove FRP VIVO VIVO Y100 [Android 13]


Method 1: Remove FRP VIVO Y100 (Android 13)

-Start process now by turning on your VIVO phone & Connect WiFi. After that, go back to (Connect to WiFi) page. From there, go to “Add new Network”.

-Enable talkback feature by long press again both (Volume UP + Down) buttons simultaneously.

-Release both pressed keys once you see (Talkback POPUP).

-Long press again both (Volume UP + Down) buttons simultaneously, this time the (Talkback Mode) will be enabled completely.

Turn on talkback to bypass frp VIVO Y22


-Close (Welcome to Talkback) page by hitting over > Close > Close.

tap to close from talkback to bypass frp OPPO F21 Pro


-Open up keyboard by double tap over “Enter the SSID” field tab, and then hit double hit on > World icon > Next.



-Swipe left from right using 3 fingers to get braille keyboard options.

-From popup window, just go to “Settings”.

Swipe left on talkback braille to bypass frp


-We are going to disable talkback now, so long hold again both (Volume UP + Down) buttons to disable it.

-Go back by hitting over “Back Arrow” from up left corner.

tunr off talkback and go back


-Scroll down, and go to “Braille Display”.

-Hit over “Go to Talkback” option from top.

Go to braille display option to bypass google account vivo y22


Let’s Turn on Accessibility Shortcut 3 Dots:

-From settings, tap to > Accessibility > Accessibility MENU >  Turn on (Accessibility Menu Shortcut).

-Hit on “Allow”, and then tap “Got it”.


-After turning on Accessibility shortcut option, the 3 dots icon will stick at the right corner of screen.

-Hit on “3 dots”, and then go to “Assistant” to Remove FRP VIVO Y100.

hit on 3 dots icon from accessibility menu


-Say loudly “Settings” to get into FRP protected device settings.

-Scroll down, and go to > System > Phone Clone > Agree.

-Once the phone clone app is launched, just go to > This is a new phone > Android >  Got it.

-From popup window, just tap to > While using the app > Allow.

-After that, QR Scanner screen will come up there.

hit over new phone from easyshare app to bypass frp VIVO Y30

Follow Below Steps in Other Android Phone:

-We have to install 2 applications from google play store in other android device.

Note: You can use your parents or siblings android phone, because, we will connect both devices together using Clone phone app in order to successfully Remove FRP VIVO Y100.

-Take any other non FRP lock android device, install “Easy Share” app in that android device from google play store.

install easy share app from google play store


-Install another app “Activity Launcher” in other android device.

install activity launcher app from google play store to bypass frp


-Open “Easy Share” app in other android device.

open easyshare app from other android phone


-Go to > Phone Clone > Old Phone > Set Now.

setup old phone from easyshare app to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-Turn on from there “Easy Share” app, after that, hit on “Back Arrow”.

-Hit on > Old Phone > Got it > While using the app > Allow.

-You will have QR Code in your other android device, lets scan that code with your VIVO Y100 FRP locked device.

Qr code screen from other android device


-After scanning QR Code, you will receive a popup in other android device, tap to “Set Now”.

-Now your both device will be connected each other, and we can now easily transfer (Activity Launcher + Google Account) from other android device to a VIVO frp locked phone, this is how, you will be able to Remove FRP VIVO Y100.

-Turn on “Easy Share” app, now hit on “Got it”.

-Tap on “Allow” option for 4 times,

-De-select “All Options”, after that go to “Apps”.

Go to apps to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-Select only “Activity Launcher”, and tap to “Ok”.

select only activity launcher


-Tap on “Start Phone Clone” button, now wait until this transferring app process is done.

-Once you see “Cloning Completed” in VIVO T2X device, just tap on “Apps”.

-Hit on “Open” from activity launcher app, after that, hit on “OK”, now you will have there a “Loading” screen, just wait until this process is done.

Go to activity launcher app to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-Hit on “Android Setup”, you will see there a big list of too many android setup, just scroll down, and tap to “” same as shown in below image.


-Tap to > Start > Skip > Next > Next > No Cable > Copy Without Cable.

-Hit on “Next”, this will show you (Verify pattern) screen, just tap on “Use my google account instead”, after that, go to > Next > Next.


Setup Device from Other Android Phone:

-Go to your other android phone.

-Open “Google” app, hit on “Mic icon”.

-Speak loudly “Setup my device”, after that, tap on > Next > Next > Copy.

Speak loudly setup my device to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-You will receive a (Verify its you) google screen in VIVO Y100 device, just sign in there with your same (Google Account) that is already logged-in in your other android phone.

Verify gmail account


-After signing in with your google account, your device now is free of FRP lock, and has latest FRP protection with your new signed in google account, now you can easily go ahead by finishing up setup wizard, and reach to your device home-screen to use it again, thanks for visiting us.



Method 2: Remove FRP VIVO Y100 (Android 13)

You can Remove FRP VIVO Y100 (Android 13) device just by using a PIN locked SIM card, each and everyone has a SIM card, only you have to setup 4 digits PIN code on that SIM using any other android device,  use that SIM to remove frp completely, this method is very short and simple, you can follow up all steps from below.


Let’s Begin to Bypass FRP:

-Connect WiFi in your VIVO device, so that you could easily follow steps from below.

-Go back on first “Hello!” startup screen.

-You need a PIN locked SIM card, if you don’t have any, you can easily setup PIN in your SIM using any other android device, after that, insert that “SIM” card in your VIVO device.

-Once you get (Enter PIN or Enter PUK) locking screen, just press “Power” button once to turn off screen only.


-Lets eject or pop out “SIM card” using any SIM removal pin, after that, press “Power button” again to wake up screen.

-Wait there until you see “Not signed in” message.

-Swipe up screen, and type there “111”, and tap to “Send a Message”.


-Let’s just type on screen “” in text box, and tap to “Send” button to send this url as a message.

-Hit on “Tap to reload” option from url, after that, youtube thumbnail image will appear.

-Tap on “Youtube” to reach directly inside youtube website.

tap to youtube video prevew to reach inside youtube


Note: In case, if you get back to QR Code scanning page, don’t worry repeat all above steps again, and hit again on youtube link, this time the youtube website will be launched successfully.

-Tap on “Profile icon” from top corner, and go to > Settings > About > Youtube terms of service.


-From chrome window, tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Lets get into VIVO Y100 Device Settings:

-Search in browser “Download Frp Tools“, after that, go to our website searched result.

-Scroll down, and tap to “Access Device Settings” option from there same as shown in below image.

Access device settings from download frp tools page


-After that, go to “System”.

-Go to > Phone Clone > New Phone > Android > Got it.

Setup new phone from easyShare app to remove frp


-Tap few times on “While using the app” from shortcut popup, and tap to “Allow” to Remove FRP VIVO Y100.

-You will having a QR Code reader screen.

scanning screen


-We have to install 2 apps in any other android device, here we are required other android device, that could be whether of your friend or siblings, all you have to know from this device, is already signed in google account, because we are gonna share that other android device google account with this VIVO Y100 frp locked device, but, do not worry, your other android phone will remain signed in with same Gmail account.

Note: Other remaining steps are the same as already mentioned above in (Method 1), so just Click Over Here to follow remaining steps from Method 1 to bypass frp easily.